Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally With Healthy Lifestyle



Type 2 diabetes is undoubtedly one of the most serious health crisis the world is facing today. It is estimated that by 2025, 44% of the US population will have type 2 diabetes – Including the children’s. So if you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance recently, you need to make some lifestyle changes to cure it and live a healthy life. Here are 7 easy steps that you can take to help you reverse type 2 diabetes:


Cure #1: Manage sugar intake

You need to cut on your sugar consumption if you want to reverse Type 2 diabetes. According to American Heart Association, we should not consume more than six teaspoons of added sugar each day (or about 100 calories). We’re not talking about naturally found fruits and milk here. We are talking about candy bars, cereals, sweets, and soft drinks are some of the worst offenders. These foods and filled with added sugars that raises your blood sugar level and not to mention increases the risk of obesity. Start reading nutrition labels on food while purchasing them,  so you know what you’re eating.


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Cure #2: Eat Whole, Natural & Unprocessed Foods

Try to avoid processed foods as much as you can if you want to reverse Type 2 diabetes. They are filled with preservatives, sugar or sodium and most of the healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals are removed while processing. Whole grains, natural fruits, fresh vegetables, unprocessed lean meats and live fish should make up the vast majority of your diet. Don’t forget the herbs and spices as their flavorings have wonderful health benefits.


Cure #3: Target the right nutrients

Try to eat foods that help control your blood sugar and improve your insulin response to help cure type 2 diabetes. Whole foods that are filled with fiber (fruits, nuts & vegetables), good fats (avocados, almonds, pecans, walnuts), Omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines), vitamin D, and lots of chromium.


Cure #4: Regular physical activity

Physical activity is a wonderful way to burn calories, increase your energy levels, and improve your body’s insulin response. Start light with a brisk 30-minute walk for 5 or 6 days a week. Once you’re doing well with that, move up to other physical activities like hikes, running, stair climbing, cycling, rowing, cross-country skiing, or swimming. Regular physical activity helps control blood sugar level and reduces the risk of diabetes-related complications.


Cure #5: Get Proper Sleep

Did you know that poor sleep in adults with type 2 diabetes (especially women) has been linked to complications such as neuropathic pain, high blood sugar levels, and fatigue? Not getting enough sleeps influence certain hormones that affect your food habit and weight control. Which has a direct connection to increase or decrease your blood sugar levels? So start getting proper sleep.


Cure #6: Control Stress & Anxiety

Too much stress over a long duration of time is strongly linked to inflammation, one of the contributing factor in type 2 diabetes. Engage in healthy means of relaxing such as yoga or meditation to lower stress and anxiety levels to reverse type 2 diabetes.



Cure #7: Keep a log of your progress

Keep a log of your blood sugar measurements, weight and physical activities like your steps. It will help you to understand how they affect your blood sugar level and master the art of reversing type 2 diabetes. Thank you for reading this article! For more type 2 diabetes cure resources, natural health tips, please download CirceCare App.

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