Top 20 natural disease fighter fruits



Fruits are not only delicious to eat & good for your waistline, they also play an important role in strengthening your immune system and fight diseases. Here are our top 20 picks for nutritious and natural disease fighter fruits:


Raspberry fights cancer


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Rich in ellagic acid & antioxidants. May help prevent cervical, esophageal & colon cancer.


Apple reduce the risk of diabetes

Apple contains antioxidants called flavonoids, which may help lower risk of developing diabetes and asthma.


Blackberry stop the growth of lung cancer cells

Color comes from antioxidant anthocyanin, which may reduce the risk of stroke & cancer. The extract may stop the growth of lung cancer cells.


Pear prevents heart disease

Much of the fiber found in pears is soluble, which can help prevent constipation, reduce blood cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease.


Grapes reduce blood pressure

Contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that helps reduce blood pressure & lowers the risk of blood clots. May also help stop the spread of breast cancer cells.


Mango reduces the risk of blindness

High in antioxidants lutein & zeaxanthin, which may help protect vision & reduce the risk of blindness in adults.


Grapefruit helps to lower cholesterol levels

Contains lycopene & flavonoids, which may help protect against some types of cancer. Has pectin, a soluble fiber that may help lower cholesterol levels.


Cherries ease the pain of arthritis and gout

Contains more of the potent antioxidants anthocyanin than any other fruit. May help reduce inflammation & ease the pain of arthritis and gout.


Pineapple helps aid digestion

Contains a natural enzyme called bromelain, which breaks down protein and helps aid digestion.


Lemons help prevent diabetes

Help prevent diabetes, constipation, high blood pressure, fever, indigestion & many other health problems.


Kiwi promotes development and maintenance of bones

Has more vitamin C than oranges and can help in the development & maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth & gums.


Orange prevent neural tube defects

High in folate, helping to prevent neural tube defects. Contains a phytochemical called hesperidin, which may lower triglyceride.


Bananas help lower blood pressure levels

With 422 milligrams of potassium per banana, these sweet delights may help lower blood pressure levels.


Blueberry is a great source of antioxidants

No.1 in antioxidants when compared to 60 other fresh fruits and vegetables.


Strawberry stop the progression of cancerous tumors

Rich in many antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties, including helping to prevent atherosclerosis (hardened arteries) & to support the progression of cancerous tumors.


Papaya promotes healthy skin

Contains papain, an enzyme that aids digestion. Provides support for immune system and has anti-inflammatory effects. Also promotes healthy skin.


Watermelon is a sweet treat and very low in calories

Made up of 92% water, making it aptly named. It’s a great addition to any weight-loss diet because it is low in calories.


Peaches are a great source of vitamin A

High in vitamin A, peaches help regulate the immune system


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