Personalized care team
to look after your health

We believe that VIP wellness services should
not be exclusive to those with gold-plated insurance plans.

Our program is open to anyone.

Family Members

Rest assured that
someone is looking after your
loved ones.


What happens to your patients
on a daily basis? We ensure their wellbeing
and identify critical changes.


We keep your employee
population healthy to optimize

Keeping you healthy is our mission

Our personalized program includes holistic care services to ensure that your diabetic, hypertension, and other chronic diseases are properly managed. We have designed a program that addresses all aspects of your health to ensure tangible results.

We provide a free weight scale, activity tracker, glucometer, blood pressure monitor, and unlimited diabetes strips to ensure complete physiologic monitoring of your health.

Engage in regular chat, phone, and video consultations with your care team to review your data and discuss your treatment plan.

Participate in online classes with our nutritionist and dietitian to assist with your meal plan.

Our certified trainers offer ongoing classes to assist with your fitness goals. Drop by any open class to burn some calories!

Taking your medicine properly and on time is critical to your health. Receive regular alerts and periodic calls to maintain your medication adherence.

Our system automatically syncs your captured physiologic health data with your electronic medical record at your primary care provider.

We are an AI-driven
digital health company.

Our AI engine uses the actions of human health
experts, patient stories, and intelligent IoT devices
to orchestrate our service.

CircleCare employee engagement platform

Increase employee engagement and wellbeing

Employee Wellness App

CircleCare provides companies with a platform and
tools to motivate their employees via positive
reinforcements and rewards to establish and
maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

CircleCare is a holistic wellness app

Employee physical wellness

Physical Wellness

Create custom challenges for holistic activities
like walking, tracking weight, sleep, and exercise.

Employee social wellness

Social Wellness

At CircleCare, we seriously focus
on the social wellness of your company.

Employee occupational wellness

Occupational Wellness

CircleCare app provides functionality
to improve job satisfaction and output.

CircleCare makes it fun and engaging to motivate your workforce to achieve their
health goals and participate in custom challenges

CarePoints for repeated engagement - CircleCare wellness app

Provide employees with CarePoints for repeated engagement in

Healthy Actions

Employees can redeem CarePoints for exciting rewards

Here are 4 different ways you can earn CarePoints

Employee burn calories - CircleCare employee wellness app

Be active and Burn

Employee log vitals - CircleCare employee wellness app

Log your vitals

Employee share experiences - CircleCare wellness app for employee

Learn and share your

Employee take medicine regularly - CircleCare employee wellness app

Take your medicine

A simple, easy-to-use mission control

Easily filter, tag and manage users. Quickly identify people who haven't synced or are reporting a low level of activity or engagement.Create a challenge group in less than 60 seconds. Select from various challenge and engagement modules.

CircleCare dashboard - employee wellness app

We work with

the most popular devices and apps

Apple health
Google fit

How do I start a corporate wellness program?

If you are in HR or you are a wellness champion at your workplace
and you would like to find out how CircleCare Corporate
wellness App can take your team’s health to the next level, contact us now.

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