What are the complications of Alzheimer disease?



Alzheimer is a progressive disease, over time it affects patients memory and cognitive functions. As a result a patient may experience health complications of Alzheimer such as:

Loss of memory and speech: Due to the loss/death of significant amount of brain cells as the disease progresses a patient might experience memory and cognition issues.

Depression: This is very common and understandable given that the person is just diagnosed with the disease.


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Injuries and Accidents: Alzheimer can also cause changes in balance and coordination, which increases the risk of broken bones, head trauma or other injuries.

Reduced physical functions: In the final stage the changes in brain cells begin to affect physical functions like swallowing, balance and bowel and bladder control.


Pneumonia: It may cause patients to inhale (aspirate) food or liquid into their airways and lungs, which can lead to pneumonia.


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