Corporate Social Media App For Employee Engagement

Our private social media app for corporate wellness and collaboration provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

CircleCare employee engagement platform

Why is CircleCare the Best Private Corporate Social Media App For Your Business?

CircleCare is a private, social media platform for business organizations that companies can use to foster a collaborative corporate culture and healthy lifestyle choices by engaging & motivating their employees.

Private Corporate Social Media App
for Employee Wellness

Employee physical wellness

Physical Wellness

Keep your employees fit by tracking activities such as walking, weight, sleep, and exercise. Help employees with chronic diseases take their medicine regularly.

Employee social wellness

Social Wellness

Utilize your own private social app to promote employee engagement, reduce turnover, and increase job satisfaction. Share updates and foster interaction between employees through custom challenges and engaging activities.

Employee occupational wellness

Occupational Wellness

CircleCare is equipped with functionality to promote employee recognition, peer appreciation, birthday and work anniversary celebrations, and real-time acknowledgments to promote greater job satisfaction.

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Our private corporate social media & wellness app for business makes it fun
and engaging to motivate your workforce to achieve their health goals and participate in custom challenges

CarePoints for repeated engagement - CircleCare wellness app

Provide employees with CarePoints for repeated engagement in

Healthy Actions

Employees can redeem CarePoints for exciting rewards

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It’s free to get started! No Long Term Contract. No Credit Card Required.

How It Works?

CircleCare is an easy to use private social media app platform for businesses that helps its users develop healthy lifestyle habits like being more active, taking medications on time, staying knowledgeable about diet, nutrition, and disease management trends, plus a whole lot more.


Engagement & collaboration

Engage co-workers to foster a collaborative & healthy workplace


Healthy diet & nutrition tips

Eat well & stay knowledgeable about the current diet & nutrition trends


Track & achieve health goals

Motivate employees in a fun & engaging way to achieve their health goals


Positive reinforcement & rewards

Give incentives to establish & maintain healthy lifestyle choices

Key Features

Why do You Need A Corporate Social Media App
for Your Business?

When implemented correctly a private corporate social media app for employee wellness can establish healthy work cultures, improve employee health and implement strategies that reduce medical costs, increase morale and efficiency.

Improved Employee Health

Reduced Health Care Costs

Established Culture of Health

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It’s free to get started! No Long Term Contract. No Credit Card Required.

How Our Private Social Media App for Business
Can Add Value to Your Workplace?


Reduce Healthcare Costs


Improve Business Performance


Build a Healthy Company Culture


Integrate and Optimize Benefits


Increase Employee Retention

Creating A Healthier & Engaging Work Culture At Your Company

When employees believe their employer cares about their health and well-being, they are more likely…


Engaged Employees. Happy Customers. Improved Business Results.

How Do I Deploy CircleCare Corporate Social Media App For Employee Wellness?

If you are in HR or you are a wellness champion at your workplace and you would like to find out how CircleCare corporate social media app for employee wellness can take your business to the next level, contact us now.

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CircleCare Corporate Wellness App


CircleCare Corporate Wellness App


CircleCare Corporate Wellness App


CircleCare Corporate Wellness App