How To Improve Employee Productivity: ROI of Corporate Wellness Investment

John Alex

John Alex

The productivity of an employee is a critical yardstick behind any organizations growth. There could be precisely various possible reasons for low employee productivity. These reasons are typically associated with an employee’s personal life and social life. In most of the cases, it is marked that an unhealthy lifestyle which remains the main reason for low work productivity. It starts from unhealthy eating, lack of sleep, laziness to exercise or something else. If work productivity is low, it means the employee is only physically present. The modern organization faces this as a threat and behavioral scientist called this as “Presenteeism.” These employees just increase their man-hours without getting any effective results. Organizations need their employees to multitask because of the complexities in work. To achieve successful result organization are keen to invest in an employee wellness program. Organizations are keen to know the actual output or return for these added investments. Therefore measuring the ROI of corporate wellness investment is an absolute necessity. Measures for ROI of corporate wellness investment are qualitative in nature but can be quantified in connection with work productivity. Let us dive deep and understand how to improve employee productivity. Let us also advocate employee productivity as an ROI of corporate wellness investment.

Negative effects of Low employee productivity

  • Reduction of Profit
  • Layoffs
  • Increase of absenteeism
  • Increase of presenteeism
  • Low level of Motivation

How to improve employee Productivity?

The organization acknowledges the threat about the loss due to low employee productivity. Corporate takes various measures to improve employee Productivity at the workplace. Corporate wellness investment is a significant measure taken to improve employee Productivity. Since it is an investment program, accountability is also essential. Measuring the ROI of corporate wellness investment is of paramount importance. Another way to improve employee productivity is by using a corporate wellness app. These apps keep track of the employee’s health and increase their engagement level. CircleCare is such an amazing corporate wellness app that strives to improve employee Productivity. It takes care of the employee’s wellness need with the click of a button. It not only tracks an employee’s health but rewards them for being healthy. This app motivates employees in a fun and engaging way helping them to achieve their health goals.

Top Employee Wellness Ideas

  • Gift a Wellness App.
  • Organize a Yoga and Meditation Workshop.
  • Motivate an employee to take part in the Anxiety Workshop.
  • Launch health and fitness competitions
  • Eat healthy snacks during working hours.

All of the above five ideas put together can bring great results in improving employee Productivity. How about if there is a guide available to help employees achieve these goals? CircleCare is not only a corporate wellness app, but it acts as a personal guide keeping the employees motivated. It keeps on reminding employees about different ways to live healthily and stay fit.


Corporate Wellness App


CircleCare employee engagement platform provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

How to measure the ROI of corporate wellness investment?

Wellness is a qualitative term and can be measured in terms of Value, rather in terms of return. ROI of corporate wellness investment can, therefore, be measured based on the below parameters:

  • Employee engagement in the Wellness program
  • Associated medical cost behind an employee
  • Absenteeism
  • A distinct measure of work productivity


The corporate wellness program is highly beneficial to improve employee productivity. However, measuring the ROI of corporate wellness investment is a long-term qualitative aspect. Corporates need to invest in the right tool for their employee’s well-being. A happy mind can always bring greater success with positive reinforcements. Try the CircleCare corporate wellness app now for a one-stop solution.

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