What should a good manager do?



Finding a good manager is a rarity. If you know one or are lucky enough to work for one, observe to see these characteristics in their practice and character.

A good manager has his team’s trust

Good managers keep promises to their side and provide explanations (not excuses) when plans change. Earning trust is a form of respect, and respect is fundamental to leadership.

A good manager is not afraid to get his hands dirty

Good managers understand that failure reflects both on the team and on the manager, which why they jump in to help out in any way possible, no matter how mundane the task.


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A good manager takes risks

Taking risks and experimenting should be encouraged, and managers should set the example by being first to jump in and test the waters. Failures will happen – being agile and making mistakes is a crucial component to learning and growing as a team.

A good manager says no

They understand it might not make everyone happy, even if it’s the right decision. This also applies when new work requests come from directors and executives that the manager believes cannot (or should not) be handled by their team.

A good manager gives credit where credit is due

Organizing a small party, having cupcakes delivered to the office, or sending a simple email shoutout acknowledges their excellent performance and increases morale.

A good manager finds time to have fun

Scheduling happy hours, lunch outings, and scavenger hunts are great activities for keeping things light and entertaining. Remember: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

A good manager offers positive reinforcement

Leaders provide positive reinforcement, focusing on what employees do right rather than dwelling on what they did wrong.


A good manager keeps his team healthy

A leader knows that a healthy team is a productive team. So he encourages everyone in the organization to lead a healthy lifestyle and even offers rewards for it.

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