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What Stretches Can I Do While Sitting At My Desk?



Sitting at a computer desk for long periods often causes neck and shoulder stiffness and occasionally lower back pain. Do these stretches at work every hour or so throughout the day, or whenever you feel stiff. You’ll feel better!

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Shoulder Stretch At Work

Front: Interlock fingers in front of the body, turn palms away from the body. Gently straighten elbow and reach forward. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds.

Back: Interlock fingers behind your back, palms facing upwards. Gently straighten elbow while reaching up and back. Hold a stretch for 15 seconds.  


Shoulder Pull

Grab under your right upper arm and pull the arm at shoulder height across your chest. Repeat for the other shoulder. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds.


Triceps and Shoulder Stretch

Reach behind your head with elbow bent. Use opposite hand to push downwards on the elbow so that your hand moves further down your back. Repeat for other arms. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds.


Neck Stretch At Work

Reach with the right hand over your head and shrug you left shoulder. Slowly pull your head away from left shoulder then drop your left shoulder down. Repeat for another side. Hold for 10 seconds.


Neck Flexion

Interlock hands and place hands on the back of the head. Pull chin down towards the chest. Hold for 10 seconds.


Knee to Chest

In a seated or standing position with back supported, slowly pull one knee up towards your chest. Repeat for another side. Hold for 15 seconds.


Back Rotation

Sitting on a chair with left leg crossed over your right leg, place right hand on left thigh just above the knee and pull your leg towards the right. At the same time turn your body towards the left looking over left shoulder. Repeat for the other side. Hold for 15 seconds.


Side Stretch At Work

While standing, slide right hand downright as far as possible, ensuring you are facing straight ahead. Repeat for opposite side. Hold for 15 seconds.


Chest Stretch

Bend elbow and place hands and forearms on each edge of a doorway at elbow height. With feet shoulder width apart, lean body forward through the door. Hold for 15 seconds.


Quadriceps Stretch At Work

Support yourself with left hand on a wall. Gasp left foot with right hand and gently pull heel towards buttocks. Repeat for the right side. Hold for 20 seconds.


Hamstring Stretch At Work

Place one foot on a  stable chair or similar height surface. While keeping leg and back straight and pelvis square, lean forwards towards your foot until you feel a stretch in the back of your thigh. Repeat for the other leg. Hold for 15 seconds.


Buttocks Stretch At Work

Sitting on a chair, right position ankle on left knee. Please hands on the right lower leg and slowly bend forward towards legs. Keep back straight. Repeat for the other side. Hold for 15 seconds.


Wrist/Forearm Stretch At Work

With a stretch elbow and palm facing upwards, pull hand downwards to stretch the front of your forearm and wrist. Then turn hand over so that your palm is facing downwards and pull hand downwards to stretch the back of your forearm and wrist. Repeat for the other wrist. Hold both for 10 seconds.



Biceps Stretch At Work

Hold onto a door frame at arm’s length, thumb down. Turn the body away from the arm and allow your shoulder to roll in. Repeat for the other side. Hold for 15 seconds.

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