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What are the best employee perks employers can offer?



Companies offer employee perks for various reasons like to help them balance their work and life, learn new skills and take control of their work schedule. These perks not only make them feel valued or engaged but also gives them a proud feeling to be a part of the organization. Here are some of the best perks every employer should consider:

Flexible working hours

Flexi-time has become increasingly popular, with many employers offering workers the opportunity to complete their usual hours when they wish, often during a set period, such as between 7am-7pm. This act can have a significant impact on a person’s work life balance, and the cost is minimal, generally just being any extra electricity costs.

Bringing your dog to work

For the right kind of business, allowing employees to bring their dog to work for a day every once in a while can be a great morale booster. All the employer needs to provide is dog food, treats, and water.


Corporate Wellness App


CircleCare employee engagement platform provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

Standing Desks

Sitting on a desk all day for five days a week isn’t good for your back, and as such standing desks are becoming popular. Not only is it better for people to have periods standing, but it should also help improve productivity and boost energy; plus it’s possible to make them yourself for a minimal cost.


In many offices, free soft and hot drinks are a standard, and it’s not unusual to find a communal fruit bowl. This low-cost snack station keeps hunger at bay and promotes healthy eating; but if that’s not your thing it could always be substituted with occasional sweet treats.

Team lunches

Once a month, or quarter, give your team a little budget for a meal out. Going for a group lunch on the company can boost morale and help strengthen relationships between colleagues as they socialize in a different setting.

Catered meetings

Breakfast or lunch meetings sometimes can’t be helped, so why not make the most of them and give employees a bit of a boost by providing coffee and croissants or bagels? As well as being a cool perk, it could also help improve their focus during the meeting.

Desk allowances

Give your employees a small budget to decorate their desks. Whether they choose to buy a photo frame to catch glimpses of their loved ones during the working day, a nodding dog ornaments, or even a miniature table golf set, it will allow them to add some personality to their workspace.

Secure discounts

Many local businesses are aware that they need to compete for businesses, and so could be open to offering your employees a discount. They may ask for a reciprocal discount, but it is often worth it and can be an excellent way to help out other small businesses in your community, while also benefitting your employees.

Employee awards

Recognition can go a long way to making people feel valued and content, whether you choose to praise their deeds and hard work with words and certificates, or something more substantial like vouchers is up to you and your budget.

Summer treats

The summer can be an excellent time to indulge in everything the season brings with it, mainly the excuse to eat ice cream. Treat your employees some soft-scoop or a popsicle on those hot summer afternoons.

Birthday vacation

Giving employees an extra day’s leave during the week of their birthday can be a thoughtful bonus. Individuals tend to value vacation time, and giving them the extra day can help boost morale.

Birthday celebrations

Bringing in a cake and some banners for their birthday can also be an inexpensive way to celebrate while at work. Little touches like these can help to make your employees feel valued and recognized, and sharing it with colleagues can be useful for team building.

Massage chair

Purchasing a second-hand massage chair is a great way to help your employees relax. Keeping the chair in a communal area will allow all employees to have the opportunity to take five and give the chair a try.

Games room

A break room can be a great place for employees to unwind and get a change of scenery. Provide your employees with anything from board games, a dartboard or a second-hand table tennis table, and watch them enjoy their lunch breaks more than ever.

Exercise classes

Putting on anything from lunchtime yoga classes to post-work running clubs can be a great way to help employees become more active and don’t have to cost a dime. All that’s needed are willing participants, and in some cases, an instructor, who could be somebody internal or you could hire a professional on an hourly basis.


Corporate wellness app

Subscribe to a corporate wellness app for your employees. It can help engage them with each other, stay motivated and can build a team within and beyond the organizational boundaries. Even some corporate wellness apps are so good that they keep track of your employee’s health, reward them for being healthy, gives them important reminders to take medicine, and manage chronic health conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

Just like a rising tide lifts a boat, these are some of the best employee perks can make them feel comfortable in their personal and professional life. Need help with a complete corporate wellness program for streamlining employee perks, contact CircleCare.

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