Why invest in mindfulness for your employees?



Mindfulness is all about paying attention to what our minds are doing and what’s happening around us in the present moment. As you go around your day and catch yourself reliving an experience or worrying about a future event, you can and gently guide your attention back to what’s happening in front of you. It can also help improve mental and physical health conditions of an individual. However, why are companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn are interested in it? Let’s find out:

It improves efficiency

Research using brain scans show that people who practice mindfulness have an increased number of neurons in the hippocampus (related to learning and memory). They also have increased gray matter thickness in the parts of their brain that control attention and processing of sensory input. As a result, studies show that mindfulness improves working memory, creativity, attention span, and reaction speeds.

It boosts the immune system

Studies worldwide have found that mindfulness increases the immune system, helping fight off colds, flu and other chronic diseases, thus significantly reducing the number of sick days that people take in the workplace. Clinical trials also show that mindfulness is at least as efficient as prescription painkillers in reducing chronic pain. People who practice mindfulness report improved sleep and increased energy levels.


Corporate Wellness App


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It increases job satisfaction

Those trained in mindfulness have been shown to demonstrate increased levels of resilience and ability to cope with change. Mindfulness training leads to more effective team working and less conflict.


It reduces stress

Stress has a significant impact on businesses right now. In the UK, stress, anxiety, and depression accounts for an estimated 13.5 million lost working hours per year. Stress, depression, exhaustion, and irritability are all lower in those who practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness at work is one of many other ways to achieve workplace wellness and build an engaged and productive workforce. Want to know about ways to achieve workplace wellness? Contact CircleCare team. CircleCare is a corporate wellness platform that offers tools and resources to build a healthy and engaged workforce.

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