Six ways to help employees struggling with the workload



A good manager is not only a person that delegates the right tasks to the right employees; they will also be more than willing to do everything they can to ensure that their team can manage its workload effectively and timely manner. Below are a few ways in which managers can help employees struggling with the workload as productively as possible.

Keep an open mind to suggestions

Too many managers are under the false belief that they don’t need to take advice from employees, which can increase workloads and stress. Having this type of arrogant attitude can also decrease employee satisfaction levels substantially. Instead, managers should be open to accepting suggestions and ideas from team members, as this will help employees struggling with the workload of virtually of any size.

Take control of teams workloads

Ensuring that everyone has been assigned an equal workload will go a long way in providing that no individual team member is overloaded with tasks. It is also essential for a manager to identify each team member’s strengths and weaknesses, as this information can be used when delegating various tasks. For example, a team member who enjoys doing administrative tasks can be placed in charge of paperwork, while another who is more hands-on in their approach can deal with functions that are best matched to their skill set.


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Limit overtime to help employees struggling with the workload

Although working overtime may be required at times, it is essential for managers to ensure that this doesn’t become the norm. Employees who are consistently putting in more hours than they should be will not only be always tired and irritable; they stand an excellent chance of suffering from burnout over the long term. If it is becoming necessary to work overtime more often, managers may have to step back and see whether additional employees need to be hired.

Extend assistance wherever necessary

Many managers make the mistake of thinking that because they are managers, their only task is delegating work. However, they should be willing to pitch in whenever and wherever necessary to see responsibility or projects through to completion.

Facilitate remote working

Granting permission for team members to work remotely will enable them to get more done in that they won’t waste as much time traveling to and from the office anymore. As more companies – and managers – than ever before are seeing the benefit of working this way, this trend looks set to increase exponentially over the next few years. Many offices will become purely collaborative spaces in that employees will only be present if it’s deemed to be necessary.


Keep your team healthy

A healthy team is a productive team, that can generate actual business results. For many managers, the health of team members is critical, especially with uncertainty among business owners on the costs of employee health coverage and absenteeism.  Also replacing employees who leave for health reasons can be time-consuming and expensive. A good manager always encourages his team to follow a healthy lifestyle and be active even when they are working at the office.

A tip to keep the workplace healthier and happier

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