How to reduce stress at work?



More than 80% of Americans are stressed about their jobs. This work stress is not only making us unhappy but also increase the health risks of diabetes, heart disease, depression, etc. If you are experiencing stress at work, start following these tips to reduce stress at work and improve mood:

Learn to relax

We all get stressed, but by taking a few minutes each day to calm yourself, you can help to stay stress-free. Go for a walk, listen to music or stay hydrated to feel relaxed.

Time is on your side

The lack of time to complete your daily tasks is a common reason why we get stressed at work. By planning your functions at the start of the day you can work through a schedule more effectively and reduce stress at work.


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Avoid overloading your day

Don’t feel you have to say “yes” to everything asked of you. If you adhere to the step above you should be able to schedule your workload more effectively and what additional tasks you can take on.

Don’t be afraid to communicate

Our colleagues are our friends at work. When you spend so much time with others it is common you can find things that irritate you. Learn to address your issues in a considerate manner and openly communicate with others to create a better workplace environment.

Make stress your friend

In a better sense, you need to change the way you think about stress and turn it into something that will not bear down on your wellbeing.

Challenge Yourself

It doesn’t matter if it’s at work or outside, setting goals for yourself that you think are fun lessens stress. Perhaps you’d like to learn an instrument or a new language. No matter what it is, by continuing to learn, you empower yourself with knowledge and become more active in other areas of life.

IT Issues are #1 cause of stress in the workplace

The Internet is not working, computer freezing, data loss are all common reasons we get stressed at work. Save yourself time and hassle by calling your IT department and get a brew while they fix it.


Exercise & walk to reduce stress at work

On the topic of being active, exercise and walking are also a great stress buster. When you are stressed, take an It helps you clear your head and may help you find a solution to whatever is causing your anxiety.

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