How a Corporate Wellness App Can Motivate Your Employees to Eat Healthily

Karin Hosenfeld

Karin Hosenfeld

In recent years, learning to eat healthily has become a popular topic. Many people already know following basic diet and nutrition tips can help with preventing future health issues, such as cancer or diabetes. According to Population Health Management, a study published within a science journal claims 66% of productivity loss can be associated to eating unhealthily. That is why it is important to motivate your employees to eat healthily.

The CircleCare Corporate Wellness App provides a simple solution to encourage employees to begin eating healthier foods.

Productivity Levels


Corporate Wellness App


CircleCare employee engagement platform provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

Food is what fuels our body, and ‘fake foods’ can have significant effects on the way our body functions. These types of foods (highly processed) often contain excessive amounts of calories from fats and sugars. Simply reducing or eliminating these foods while increasing “real foods” will lower the risk of future health conditions, while having a more immediate impact on a person’s energy levels, resulting in higher productivity.

Heath Concerns

According to a published study in British Medical Journal, ultra-processed food study conducted on 100,000 participants indicated a 10% to 12% increased risk of cancer. However, cancer is only one possible result, additional concerns include:

  • Obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease

Benefits of Motivating Employees to Eat Healthily?

By encouraging a better lifestyle, not only will it help your employee to feel better and have more energy every day, it could improve their outlook about being at work. The benefits of this include saving even more on health care, less employee absentees, and increased productivity. Additionally, co-workers may begin to get along and work together better too.

Things to Consider

If you do not currently have a designated refrigerated area for employees to use, consider installing one. This will allow healthier meals to be brought from home.

Convert or install snack machines that offer healthy options, rather than filling it with candy, chips and soft drinks.

Offer rewards for those who reach their milestones and/or end goal.

How to Start

The CircleCare App helps employees to eat healthily with the latest diet and nutrition tips. It provides easy access to the information so that people can learn more about which foods are best for them, and which foods to avoid. There are many ways that the App is able to help encourage them as well.


For example:

There are alarms which can be set to encourage eating around the same time each day to develop a healthy eating pattern.  The quick access to diet and nutrition tips can assist in shopping and meal prep. Also, the reward system promotes positive reinforcement by rewarding employees who achieve a certain health goal or milestone. The CircleCare App offers various types of rewards, including a point system or prizes, such as discounted meal, paid massage, fitness equipment, or even a paid vacation.

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