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Workplace Wellness Programs To Improve National Health

Nick Sutton

Nick Sutton

In the workplace, how many are healthy? One of the employer’s responsibilities is that they need to provide their employees with a good environment to work on and also to help their employees when they claim to be sick of chronic conditions.

Chronic Conditions that can be prevented is a massive contributor to insurance premium and employee’s claims, which is thriving and is continuing to rise. Without that much employees, employers pay a very high price when their employees are ill. This shows us that it isn’t that great either way if you are an employee or an employer to have an unhealthy working space for your employees.

There are a lot of medical costs and lots of less productivity from employees, because of this, here are some things to take note of:


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CircleCare employee engagement platform provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Four out of the ten most expensive health conditions for employers in the United States of America are chest pain or angina pectoris, diabetes, high blood pressure, as well as a heart attack. These four are somehow related to employees getting heart disease as well as stroke.
  • Employees’ productivity losses are about $225.8 billion. That takes about $1,685 each year for every employee.
  • Stress related to work is one of the top worries for health problems or major health risk for employees
  • Full-time employees who may be obese or has a chronic illness can miss up to $450 million worth of days compared to normal employees
  • An annual 1% reduction from the 4 major health risks including glucose, blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol, shows that it can save from $83 up to $103 for each person

Workplace Health Promotions or workplace wellness program is a set of programs, policies, benefits, and a way to make the environment of an employee healthy to keep all employees from getting sick and keep them safe. By doing this, you can address many types of sicknesses that may be serious or not to your employees, to prevent them from getting sick themselves. This will also influence not only the employees but maybe even the whole organization. DCD or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is doing a lot for the environment where employees work to keep them protected.

Workplace wellness programs that help Improve the life of an employee can earn more than 159 million workers all across the United States. Effective workplace wellness programs can help prevent health risks as well as improve the overall life of the people that live in The United States. It can also improve how much you can earn in a year or month if no one gets sick, and also lower costs to take care of. Sadly. Only a few employees manage to use health programs in the workplace that are practical and science-based.

The NCCDPHP or National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion works in 4 critical areas. These four areas are:

  1. Epidemiology and Surveillance
  2. Environmental Approaches
  3. Health Care System Interventions
  4. Community Programs which are linked to services clinically

This approach can lead to more healthy choices and behavior and can open a door where more healthy alternatives are available and help Americans manage their overall health. CDC supports all of these hard works by their activities on 2 of NCCDPHP’s domain, namely: environmental approaches as well as epidemiology and surveillance.

Workplace wellness programs like CircleCare offers platform and tools to motivate employees to stay healthy via positive reinforcement and rewards. So, if you are in HR or a wellness champion at your workplace, please visit the CircleCare corporate wellness program page for more help.

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