How to Measure the Impact of Corporate Wellness Program?

Lisa McKinnon

Lisa McKinnon

Corporate wellness programs have taken the world of business by storm. These wellness programs are important because they have shown a remarkable improvement in different companies’ productivity. The corporate wellness programs take account of fitness activities like Zumba, Yoga, seminars on fitness, gym membership, and assistance with psychological problems for the health and preventative health check-ups.

The stressful work and demanding schedule have made these workers prone to chronic illnesses. According to the research conducted by ASSOCHAM, in India, about 72 percent of workers are susceptible to cardiovascular illness. But the corporate wellness programs have been proved to be an efficient solution for that.

Once your company has invested in this wellness program and is thinking if it was successful. Then you are in the right place. Once you make an investment, you look forward to returns. So, the important question of how to measure the impact of corporate wellness programs? Read on to know how.


Corporate Wellness App


CircleCare employee engagement platform provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

Employee Participation

A high number of workers that participate is one of the first sign that a corporate wells program is a huge success. Corporate wellness programs are made to be exciting and feel-good affairs. Once the participation of employee is poor, this is a sign that your workers are not connecting with the wellness program. This can be due to a lack of interest in the initiatives or due to the disconnect between the needs of workers and program goals. Either way, your corporate wellness program is falling to reach its employee and so failing to affect change amongst your staff.

The Health of the Employee

If the corporate wellness program is a huge success, your workers will always be in a good shape. The healthcare costs and the numbers of absenteeism in your company are measurable indications of healthy employees. To measure the success of the wellness program, you need to monitor the healthcare expenses and the numbers of absenteeism over a comprehensive period. Once your corporate wellness program is working, the healthcare costs and rate of absenteeism will go down in due course.

Employee Morale

The moral of your employee can be hard to gauge. Anonymous surveys are only one way, which companies can solicit feedback from workers; however, in agencies wherein the morale of the employee is low, getting precise answers, and extensive participation is worker surveys can be hard. Agencies, which want more a precise portrait of a firm’s morale, might call in an outside consultant to discuss things with their workers. Most often, consultants are better able to draw precise replies out of workers.

Boost Culture of Wellness

An efficient wellness program will set the groundwork for a culture of wellness. A firm with a powerful culture of wellness promotes and encourages the health of workers. This takes account of fostering environments wherein workers are more than merely successful and productive; they are also healthy and happy.

Sensing a good culture of health at the office is a huge sign that a corporate wellness program is successful. Like for instance, at an organization with a culture of well-being, owners of the business must notify employees engaging in healthy behavior, like drinking more water, starting a walking club or organizing healthy potlucks as well as moving more.

Boost Employee Education

One of the main objectives of a corporate wellness program is to help employees educate on their health conditions and high-risk well-being behaviors and educate them on how to adopt a healthful lifestyle. Enhanced knowledge and awareness of healthy habits can be witnessed a huge success of an efficient program.

Once the workers are making modifications in their way of life, like practicing self-care, getting lots of sleep, as well as eating healthy food– the corporate wellness program has made a good effect on the lives of workers.  A corporate wellness program also helps keep workers in the loop as well as educated regarding the key health numbers in screenings. It is vital for them to become aware of their key health numbers to treat as well as reverse any risk before it is too late.

Workers Retention

The retention of the employee is one of the good examples of the happy and healthy employee. Employees who decide to stay at a business for a very long time are basically regarded as happy in their professional lives. Monitoring the retention of the employee needs a lot of long-term record keeping.

Once the company is hoping to make use of the retention of the workers as a gauge of the success of the corporate wellness program, the record keeping must begin before the program is put into practice. The longer the business keeps the record, the more valuable the records will be.

Use Reliable Corporate Wellness App

3 out of 5 companies invest in a corporate wellness program application.  This is because when integrated properly, a wellness app can boost the health and productivity of the workers and at the same time lowers the health care expenses.  One of the best apps is the CircleCare corporate wellness app that is made to provide a personalized solution for the company to make a good and healthier work environment.

This app can monitor and track employee’s health goals. Also, employers can monitor employee health stats, wellness activities, engagement data and rewards through corporate wellness dashboard, which help them to get a holistic view of how corporate wellness is improving.



Keep in mind that while the value of money is vital for a lot of companies when gauging their corporate wellness program, the value of life is indeed the most vital factor. Having a corporate wellness program will help boost the quality and the longevity of life for employees that participate.

Today, due to the lactated development in technology the impact of a corporate wellness program can be easily tracked and evaluated. One of the best ways to track the impact of the said program is through the use of CircleCare app.  Through this app, organizations can easily make changes to build a more engaged, motivated and healthy workforce.

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