Can Alzheimer’s disease be prevented?



Although there is no conclusive evidence yet about “Can Alzheimer’s disease be prevented?”, living a  healthy lifestyle may delay the onset of the disease or even prevent it. A healthy lifestyle is one that includes a healthy diet, physical exercises, maintaining an appropriate weight, and no smoking. By following this kind of healthy lifestyle, we can maintain and improve overall health and well-being. Let’s take a closer look through this infographics at ten healthy lifestyle choices that we can make to minimize or delay the risk of developing Alzheimer.

10 ways to prevent Alzheimers-CircleCare

Speak a second language

Bilingualism may strengthen overall cognitive skills and delay the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease by an average of four years.


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Flex your brain power

Can Alzheimer’s disease be prevented by participating in different brain games? Older adults who frequently read books and newspapers, do crossword puzzles or play cards could reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 47%.

Try the Mediterranean diet

Diet rich in vegetable legumes, fruits, fish and monounsaturated fat has been linked with a 48% reduction in risk for cognitive impairment, a precursor to Alzheimer’s.

Pour a glass of red wine

Polyphenol, a compound in red wine, may reduce plaque formations in the brain linked to memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.

Drink Coffee

Some studies have shown that people who drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of Dementia and Alzheimer by 65%.

Lower your blood pressure

Controlling hypertension in the pre or early stage of Alzheimer’s may reduce or delay the effects of the condition.

Get your fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, anchovies, walnuts and other foods have been associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and slower cognitive decline.

Don’t Smoke

People who smoke heavily during middle age have a 157% higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Also quitting smoking earlier can result in fewer risk factors for dementia overall.


Be Active

Moderate aerobic exercise such as walking may strengthen connections between circuits in the brain associated with cognitive abilities, including planning, prioritizing, multi-tasking and strategizing.

Can Alzheimer’s disease be prevented by Reducing stress level?

Stressful life experience may be linked to the onset and severity of Alzheimer’s disease. However, stress-busting activities like yoga and meditation may improve cognitive function and slow this decline.

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