Symptoms of Arthritis – What Are The Early Signs?



Symptoms of arthritis might vary depending on the type of arthritis and the part of the body or joint is affected by it. But all the symptoms are caused by joint damages. Although joint pain is one of the most common symptoms of arthritis, there might be other symptoms like swelling, joint stiffness and aching.


How do you find out if you have arthritis?

Here are some other early symptoms of arthritis:


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Inability to move or walk

Due to symptoms like joint pain, swelling, joint stiffness and aching a person with arthritis feels severe pain while moving. One might not be able to use hands to grip anything or even walk properly.


Swelling & Stiffness

Swelling and stiffness are frequently reported by patients especially in the early morning hours. This happens mainly due to two reasons, This happens either because of the swelling at the lining of joints or the increases of fluids in the joints.


Malaise and fatigue

Dealing with pain can take out a lot of energy and make one feel tired or fatigued. The fluids released by inflamed tissue is somewhat similar to the chemicals released during a viral illness, which can cause severe fatigue.


Poor sleep

One of the most typical symptoms of arthritis patients experiences poor sleeping cycle at night due to the pain and discomfort. This experience of a poor sleeping cycle can trigger or worsen the pain.



Muscle aches and pains

If you are suffering from arthritis, you may experience muscle aches and pains in different joints of the body like the knees, ankles or fingers. In order to differentiate it from other types of pains look for these signs:

  • Pain appears following a period of inactivity; Like after waking up in the morning.
  • A tenderness when you touch the joint.
  • Joint stiffness.
  • Discomfort during fluctuations in temperature.

These symptoms of arthritis typically worsen with age. The only way to manage these symptoms of arthritis is through a healthy lifestyle.

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