How do you show employee appreciation?



Why is showing employee appreciation so important? Workers are much more likely to stay at your company if their efforts are valued and acknowledged. Plus, showing appreciation to staff for their contribution can boost morale and productivity. But employers aren’t all receiving high marks for their recognition efforts. Three in 10 (30 percent) of workers said their company is not valid at shining a light on their achievements.

Not sure how to show appreciation to your staff? Here are some ideas to consider for showing employee appreciation:

Thank employees

Regularly express appreciation employees great work verbally or through social media. Point out how their efforts will help the organization, or assist partners and customers.


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Put it in writing

Prepare a handwritten thank-you note or a post via social media page or copy senior management on an email about a workers accomplishment.

Publicize achievements

Feature above average performers in the company email newsletter or recognize them at a staff gathering.

Log everything down

Save a log of each worker’s contributions so you have that information handy and can refer to it during the performance appraisal.

Spread the word

Share a message sent by a customer or offer stakeholder loading the work of a fellow staff member.

Let them show off

Arrange for a session where team members can present the outcome of an important project to company leaders.

Encourage professional development

Subsidize staff for participation in industry event and conferences. Give them a subscription to work-related publications.

Support continuing education

Offer tuition assistance for courses that will help employees in their jobs, and subsidize the cost of exams required to attain professional certification.

Award them

Nominate employees for external or internal accolades, such as an employee of the month. Company awards may come with excellent prizes such as parking space.

Meet and eat

Treat your direct reports to lunch to discuss career goals and department objectives.

Provide monetary rewards

If budgets permit, consider spot bonuses or salary increases for achievements.

Give a little

Offer gift cards, movie passes or sporting event tickets to employees who go above and beyond on a project.

Show your appreciation

Hand out personalized certification or plaques for accomplishments.

Treat them

Bring in goodies like cupcakes or doughnuts for the learn to enjoy.

Celebrate milestones

Organize team lunches or off-site outing to recognize the completion of projects or special events.

Give the gift of time

Offer time off or extra vacation days for a job well-done.

Introduce them to management

Reward workers with a coffee or lunch meeting with company executives.

Offer the power of choice

Give strong performers the first option of working on desirable or challenging projects.

Develop leaders

Recognize of employees skills by asking him or her to mentor others.


Present advancement opportunities

Have a policy of promoting from within, and make sure staff members know there’s a path to growth in your organization.

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