Prevention of gout attack by controlling uric acid



If you have someone in your family with gout, chances are you will have it too. To minimize the chances of developing the disease or for the prevention of gout attack you can take some sensible lifestyle measures, such as:


Adequate fluid intake

Your kidney needs water for cleansing toxins out of the body. So, drink plenty of fluids every day (8-10 glasses of water) to help flush the uric acid out of your system. Drinking water also helps you lose weight.


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Limit purines in diet

Eat a healthy balanced diet and avoid foods that contain purines. A purine-free diet can help with the prevention of gout attacks and development. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid purine rich foods like Some fish, Shellfish, Asparagus, Mushrooms, and Spinach.  


Avoid red meat and seafood

People who consume more red meat and seafood in their diet are at higher risk of developing gout. So, limit your Limit consumption of beef, lamb, and pork for prevention of gout attack. Also among the kinds of seafood such as anchovies, sardines, herring, mussels, codfish, scallops, trout, and haddock should be avoided.

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Eat more low-fat dairy

Increase consumption of low-fat dairy products like skim milk, cheese or yogurt in your diet to get your protein. Stay away from high-fat dairy products.




Limit or avoid alcohol

Alcohol increases the production of uric acid, especially people who drink beer and distilled liquors frequently are at higher risk of gout. Reduce or eliminate the amount of alcohol you consume for prevention of gout attack.



Maintain a healthy weight

keep a healthy body weight through regular exercise. Losing weight may decrease uric acid levels. Also when you lose weight, the frequency of gout attack also reduces because of the lower stress on your joints.  




Take vitamin C

Vitamin C decreases the risk of gout and helps to excrete uric acid through urine. According to a research daily 500 milligrams of vitamin C, reduces the risk of gout by almost 15%.


Be Active for Prevention of gout attack

Exercise whenever you can. Staying physically active is part of a healthy lifestyle, and it may help prevent a future gout attack. If you find it hard to make some free time, check out some simple but effective activities you can do anytime, anywhere you want. Any movement would be better than sitting still. Pick an activity you enjoy dancing with music. Walk while you talk, use a portable phone or wireless headset and walk around the house as you carry on conversations. Vary your walking workout by climbing the stairs at home or work. Even short amounts of extra stair-climbing improve cardiovascular health. Start out by adding just one or two extra trips up the stairs each day, then increase.

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