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6 Team-Building Tips & Tricks for Big Families



Today, big family get-togethers are getting rarer. Fast-paced lifestyle and international travel make it hard for close people to come around and spend time together. Moreover, even when they do, it may be hard for them to find common ground.

That is why knowing some team-building tricks is absolutely necessary for younger family members. Building a team within a big family is pretty much similar to working in teams at the workplace. You should use the same tips to help your closed ones feel included.

Here are several simple ways to achieve this goal.


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Choose the Right Communication Tools

It is very important to maintain communication with all family members. The best way to make everyone feel included is to literally include them in communication. You can create big groups in messengers and add everyone member of your family. Whatever news you share will be visible to everyone making all feel closer to each other.

For big families, it is really helpful. Relatives may get upset if they do not get to know about your achievements first. By sharing this news with everyone at once you accomplish two goals at once.

Encourage Everyone to Contribute

Do not let any family member be passive during meetings or conversations. Ask questions and make sure everyone is involved in the conversation. It is important to pay attention to small details and ask the right questions. If it is a family meeting, everyone who has something to say must be heard.

Communication within the family is the best therapy. When things go wrong or, in contrast, very well, people need to speak with someone who will not judge. Your family are the best people for this. Encourage such conversation and you will see how close you all get.

Recognize Each Other’s Value

Unfortunately, people are not trained in communication practices by default. Many of us do not know how to make a team even with the closest people.

The first step to building a team within your family is to recognize each other’s value and contribution. We often do not pay attention to others’ problems and achievements, celebrating personal events. It is important to see others around you to make a good team.

Set Family Get-Togethers

Do you know why people from the Middle East are so close to their families? Because they do not skip family celebration. Just to compare: it is most likely that you throw a birthday or bingo party for friends only or invite as many as 30 people to your wedding. In Turkish, Indian or Iranian families, celebrations take days because hundreds of people gather.

It may be an exaggeration, but the Western world does pay little attention to the importance of family gatherings. Try to build this tradition. Throw parties and invite your big family to celebrate with you. Nothing helps in making a team better than having fun together.

Schedule Family Time

The fact is that we have very little time for each other. Let alone, we have very little time for ourselves. Thus, the best advice to make family bonds stronger is to schedule some time for each other. Meet with different family members, attend concerts together, or travel – this all helps in building a better family team.

It is not only about knowing the latest news. It is about the support that you can give to your close people when you meet in person. Do not think that messaging is enough. Call your loved ones and schedule a meeting.

Eat Together

It is a proven fact that families that share their breakfasts and dinners have stronger bonds. Of course, regular meals together are pretty hard to arrange if you have a really big family. For this, you can choose some big holidays.

As for the inner circle, you can encourage people you live with to eat together regularly. For example, wait for each other for dinner. During this time, you all exchange important news and get to know about each other’s problems. This is the best time for sharing love and support.


Final Words

People often underestimate the value of family support. Those who have big families often take it for granted. However, it is important to encourage warm relationships within the family to ensure that you all get support and recognition from your close ones.

Building a team with your family members is similar to building bonds in the workplace. However, it is much easier to do if you follow the aforementioned steps.

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