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How to motivate your kid : there is an app for that

Cassi Villanueva

Cassi Villanueva

A little positive motivation, goes a long way.  Whether it be a “Good Job!” message sent to motivate your kid for an impressive 5k time or a simple thank you to a friend for helping watch your kids last night, CircleCare is here to help you connect and lift one another up.

Social media is getting a bad wrap these days due to all of the negativity circulating.  People are pointing metaphorical fingers at one another over politics and passing along accusatory articles and information to one another.  Many people sign out of social media feeling more stressed out than they were before logging in.

CircleCare family App is a great tool to motivate your kid!

This is where Circle Care is different.  In our app, you and your circle of family and friends are there to lift one another up.  You’re there to motivate your kid and to congratulate and encourage the whole family.  Negativity is replaced with positivity because we all know that surrounding ourselves with people who lift us up is better for our mental, emotional and yes, even physical health.


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CircleCare employee engagement platform provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

We have done our research and the data is in.  Fear, bitterness and negativity – feelings often associated with increased blood pressure, elevate heart rate and overall stress – have no place in our communication with those that we love.  While most of social media seems to be a breeding ground for these things these days, Circle Care has taken a stand and created a place that focuses on loving, caring about and lifting one another up.

People want, and even need, to know that they are cared about!  Sometimes it’s hard to remember to put that card in the mail or send that weekly text, but with an app specifically designed to help you keep up with and cheer on your family and friends, it’s virtually impossible to forget.

CircleCare app motivate your kid
Do you know someone who is a first time mother?  There’s a badge for that too!

Do you know someone who is a first time mother?  There’s a badge for that!  Did a coworker reach a big milestone in their career?  There’s a badge for that as well!  Maybe you have a child who traded the college experience to travel the world.  CircleCare gives you the opportunity to keep up with their adventures while encouraging them in their pursuits.  Send them a “Brave Adventurer” badge to let them know just how proud of a parent you are!

Inside our app you will find that giving positive reinforcement to motivate your kid is not only easy, but fun!  Colorful and creative badges can be awarded for every occasion and can be shared so that everyone in your circle can help celebrate the occasion.  When friends and family are notified of the fun badges they have received, they will be encouraged to do the same and assign some to you too!

You can brag without feeling like a braggart, and you can share without worry about oversharing.  There is no right or wrong or “politically correct” way to use CircleCare, provided you are encouraging, inspiring and lifting one another up!

So who is Circle Care for?  It’s for everyone!  This is an app specifically created to allow you to choose who you want to be connected with.  Family is a great start, but if you don’t want to include everyone in your family tree, no problem!  They won’t even know about it.  Friends and coworkers can be invited into your circle too as long as they are people you respect and trust.  Thing of CircleCare as a safe space of sorts.  A place where you can come to connect, share, cheer on, motivate and encourage without worrying about what others with think or respond.

CircleCare App can be a great tool to appreciate & motivate employees!

But what about safety?  With Circle Care you can feel confident and secure when sharing personal achievements and challenges.  Unlike most social media apps where your information is out circulating for the whole world to view, CircleCare is completely private.  Anything you say, any pictures you post, any activity at all will be shared only with the people in the group you are connected with.  If they aren’t in your circle, they won’t be able to view your information.

Download CircleCare today and let your people know that you are here for them and ready to cheer them on in life.  We all need that little extra bit of positivity in our lives, especially in this day and age, and CircleCare is here to help you provide it.

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