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10 Healthy Habits to Adopt When Working From Home



During the last 2 years, we all have become a bit too familiar with the concept of working from home and we all have our opinion on the best way to do it. Even though we all have our own struggles when it comes to working from home, there are a few healthy habits or basics that you should take care of, to maintain your overall well-being. 

That said, every employment and family situation is different, which is why there is no right way to have the best work from home experience. But following these tips will assist you to avoid unnecessary stressful situations and maintaining your mental and physical health. 

Have a designated workspace

If you plan on working from home on regular basis, the first you should do is set a designated work area that’s comfortable enough and minimizes disruptions and distractions. If you live with family or have kids in the house, this is a great way to set boundaries for everyone. This will give you a sense of schedule for the start and end of the working hours. That said, try to make some efforts in setting up your work area and make a pleasant environment for yourself. You can try adding pictures, plants, or music, which you might have in your regular office space as well. 


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Give your days purpose 

It can get very easy to lose a sense of schedule when you are working from home. However, for your overall well-being, it is important when you start your days with purpose, which means you have a schedule for your day as you did when going to the office. Some people may want to dress up as they did for the office even when they are working from home because it helps them stay on track and start their day feeling good and ready. Besides, when you are acting like you are on vacation, you easily get distracted, lose track of time, and fall behind.

Use the correct equipment and resources 

If your work requires making frequent phones calls or computer work, make sure you have the right headset or multiple monitors to assist you with work. If your job requires sitting for long hours, make sure you have a good chair with back support. Having the right equipment and resources for your work makes a big difference in your emotional, mental, and physical health whether you are working from home or office. 

Follow your actual working hours 

The time flexibility of working from home can become a disadvantage very soon when you realized you actually don’t get off from work at all. So, make sure to follow your office hours and if you don’t have designated office time then set your hours. Having working hours will help you balance between work and personal life and make time for other important things.

Take proper regular and meal breaks 

Many employees who are new to working from the home struggle with stepping away from work. Every time they hear an email notification or a phone call from work while they are not actively working in their home, they often feel pressured to return back early. Marietta pain clinic and many chiropractic professionals recommend taking breaks from work to avoid several possible health issues. Hence, when you are working from home, ensure that you take proper breaks and meal periods to maintain a healthy balance and better productivity. If you like you can set a timer for your breaks and follow it 

Be attentive with family and friends 

When you are working from home, your family, and maybe even kids are around, then distractions can be more frequent. While it’s nice to have family, friends, and kids around, but it is important to set boundaries for everyone, so they know when interruptions won’t be appreciated. You can set boundaries by communicating your office hours, closing the door to your workspace, or hanging signs during your working hours. 

Take breaks from media 

As mentioned earlier, for a lot of people working from home, it becomes difficult to separate themselves from work. As working from home often means more virtual meetings, phone calls, and emails. Hence, it is important to not overwhelm yourself and take very necessary breaks from technology and gadgets. Make sure to let your eyes and ears rest by disconnecting from technology.

Arrange face-to-face interactions 

Even if you think working from home is turning out to be more effective specifically for your work tasks, we humans generally require some social interactions. Hence, make sure you don’t limit your life to your work when working from home. Plan lunch dates or other meetings to socialize with family and friends and make sure you maintain a certain level face of face interaction. For some people, evening working one day from the office is enough to get their weekly dose of human interaction and not feel completely isolated.

Set new routines for yourself and your family 

Now that you don’t have to consider your commute time to and from work and you are also saving the time required to make necessary preparations for work. Children and pets are a great way to fill this extra time, whether you can take your dog for a morning walk or help your kids with homework. 


You should take some time out in the day to exercise or do some other activity. However, you decide you utilize the extra time you have now on your hands, make sure you spend it productivity and smartly.

Keep a stock of healthy food 

Now that you are working from home, you might find yourself eating more often than you did when going to the office. Hence, if you like to focus on fitness and a healthy diet, try to set a meal plan and stick to it. Besides, it helps to have a stock of healthy foods in your kitchen for proper meals and snacks. When you have healthy food options and a meal plan, you are more likely to maintain an overall healthy diet.

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