What are the treatments available for Asthma?



Asthma treatments options are divided into two categories, one is for long-term control of the condition, and another is for treating an immediate asthma attack to give immediate relief. There is no one size fits all treatment available, your doctor will suggest your treatment options based on various factors like your medical condition, the age of the patient, asthma triggers, etc. Here are some of the most common treatment options for Asthma:

Medications for Asthma

There are two types of asthma medications usually prescribed by doctors, long-term asthma control medications and quick-relief medications. Drugs are mostly powders or mists which can be taken orally using a device known as an inhaler.

Asthma Inhalers and nebulizer

Inhaler and nebulizer are used to take medications orally. Inhaler helps to make drugs which are in powder or mists form, and nebulizers vaporize a dose of medicine that is inhaled by the asthma patient.


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Steroid for Asthma

Doctors prescribed steroids tablets for asthma patients to reduce lung airways inflammation, which may have harmful side effects. But in the case of the patient who has steroid-resistant asthma, it could be life-threatening because this type of asthma is resistant to steroid therapy and they need large doses.

Vitamin D

Some researchers think that Vitamin D may reduce asthma symptoms.


Immunotherapy is usually prescribed for allergic asthma. There are two types of immunotherapy are available: allergy shots and sublingual (under the tongue) tablets.

Allergy shots

Taking allergy shots by injecting small amounts of allergen in gradually increasing costs over time is sufficient for people with allergic asthma. This type of treatment takes several years to build up immunity in patient’s offending allergens which can relieve symptoms and in some cases can eliminate the symptoms.


Sublingual tablets

This type of immunotherapy usually starts before several months when the allergy season begins. In this treatment, the patient needs to dissolve a tablet under the tongue daily. But this treatment is not recommended for a patient with severe or uncontrolled asthma.

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