10 Corporate Wellness Hacks For Boosting Performance and Productivity



Today we will be looking at some corporate wellness ideas that can help you improve your productivity and performance. Now, as busy professionals, as entrepreneurs, as creative, the significant thing especially with relating to health that affects our productivity is stress — both physical stress and mental stress. So one of the essential things that we will be doing is to see how we can manage stress. Also, to help us, I will be giving about ten simple health tips:

#1 Present Moment Awareness

It merely means you’ve been anchored to the present moment. We have discovered that stress is primarily fueled by being overly-focused on the future & in the past, so you see they are almost perpetually lost in the future or lost in the past, and because of that there is increased mental activity that in itself fuels stress. So be in the present moment. Be anchored in the present moment, learn to embrace stillness, learn to be aware of your surroundings, learn to breathe, as many times as possible, especially when you wake up in the morning. You shouldn’t just rush out to get into mental activities or physical activities. You should be comfortable in staying still and be aware of where you are — anchor yourself to the present moment.

#2 Keep Only Healthy Snacks

The problem is that we are usually busy. We tend to cut corners and get things like fast foods and unhealthy snacks. The problem with these things are – unhealthy snacks and unhealthy foods are high in salt, sugar, and fat. These things degrade the body; they slowed down mental activity. To reduce the number of processed foods and focused on eating more natural foods and unprocessed foods and healthy snacks. You can snack on apples or any other fruit you can get, something like carrots and nuts like cashew nuts and peanuts, dates and tiger nuts, etc. If you can, have sugar free chewing gum, So in your workplace, on your work desk, you should have some of these healthy snacks.


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#3 Give Your Eyes A Break

One of the ways stress to get into our body, and our mind is through our eyes. Because our eyes are always busy on screens — on our laptop, desktop, or our phones. Our eyes are usually very busy. The third thing we will be doing here is giving our eyes a break. Now when you do that, you restart, and it helps reduce eye fatigue or eye stress. That invariably means that we will help combat physical stress and mental stress. There is also the 20-20-20 rule when it comes to giving your eyes a rest. This rule means that for every 20 minutes of working, you give your eyes 20 seconds break by looking at objects or things 20 feet away from you (Six meters). Stop looking at anything screen. This helps to reduce eyestrain and reduces fatigue.

#4 Stay Hydrated 

Water is life. Never let yourself go thirsty for long. You have to learn to obey your thirst. You have to be very self and body-aware to always watch and gauge your thirst. So anytime you start getting thirsty, make sure you get some water and drink to stay hydrated.

Moreover, one of the ways in knowing how hydrated or the level of our hydration is, your urine color. Your urine color has to be clear. As you stay hydrated, you improve your blood flow, body functions, and then you improve your mental capacity. Some people find it difficult to drink plain water. One of the things you can do it to squeeze in some lime or lemon into your water to add some taste. It will help you to develop the habit of staying hydrated. Also if you are working in an office space and there is a water dispenser or something, it is advisable to put it away from your desk, so it encourages you to stretch and walk around. So you’re not sedentary or just sitting all through. 

#5 Deskercise

Deskersize simply means exercise at the desk. Now the ideal thing is that anytime you wake up every morning, even before you go to the bathroom or getting ready for work you should do some form of exercise. A good exercise is one that makes you sweat, breathe fast, and to have your heart beating fast. It may mean you getting a skipping rope. It sets your body and mind to be productive for the day. Then there are some simple exercises that you can do on your desk – that’s what we call deskercise. These movements are deliberate, so they’re not just spontaneous movements. They are deliberate movements you make while sitting at your desk. For every 30 minutes, there should be some form of deliberate movement. It could be as simple as stretching. You scan your body from head to toe and see any of the places that are numb, or stiff, and then you stretch it out and do some squeezing. Every 30 minutes, there should be some form of deliberate movement even at your desk. There are several apps and online videos that can help guide you on some deskercises. So, as much as possible, reduce your sitting time and increase your own-your-feet time. Try as much as possible to reduce the amount of time you stay sitting down. You could even do some of your work standings.

#6 Choose Coffee Over Energy Drinks and Stimulants

We cut corners by boosting our energies with stimulants energy drinks and coffee. Now, the priority here is choosing coffee over energy drinks. Coffee obviously is largely less processed, have fewer preservatives, and have fewer additives compared to stimulants and some of the energy drinks we have around. So, as much as possible, try to brew your own coffee. Different people react differently to coffee. Some people react positively, and it helps their energy, and it doesn’t affect their productivity. It doesn’t affect their sleep or their concentration in any way. It rather boosts it. Other react negatively. It affects their sleep, concentration, and focus, and for them, they have to avoid coffee. Now, for those who respond positively to coffee, limit it to 3 cups per day because there’s the risk of addiction and excesses.

7# Enjoy Background Music

Unknown to many people, music has the power of boosting our productivity. Research shows that soft background music that is almost inaudible helps boost our productivity and our performance.

8# Enjoy Adequate Rest

You can’t cheat nature. Nature always finds a way of getting back at you! You must have adequate rest every single day because that is where you refresh, recover your lost energy, and rejuvenate. You must have a daily rest. It is not negotiable. If you can, during the day, have short naps, awesome! Even if it means staying calm, even if you really don’t go into a deep sleep. Just place your head on your desk or somewhere you could just lie down, and have a short nap or siesta during the day. It helps to refresh to reboot your system. At night, get adequate sleep, and adequate sleep is any amount of sleep that gets you refreshed in the morning. Even though we love to use some standards like 7-8 hours, it mustn’t be 7-8 hours. Some persons that sleep for 4 hours and they are good to go in the morning. Know what works for you and stick to it.


9# Stay Positive

Many people underestimate the amount of negativity that we are being bombarded with every single second. From words, from thoughts, and from things we see online and the headlines, news, etc. We are bombarded with a lot of negative things and negativity in words or thoughts that come to us. Either self-generated or that is implied from our surroundings or environment, degrades our body’s immunity. So, if you stay negative in your thoughts, your body follows. Where the mind goes, the body follows. If your mind stays negative for a period of time, your body quickly follows the negativity, and it degrades the immunity. It degrades the ability of the body to fight or even to support you to be productive. Apart from that, it reduces your mental activity and productivity. Stay positive. Be insistent and let your predominant state be positive. It could mean visualization. So if you discover that you have entertained a negative thought, replace that negative thought with a strong positive picture. Hold that thought for a while. Because we want to make sure that our predominant state is positive. 

#10 Play Games and Puzzles

Now it is an established scientific fact that playing games (video games, board games, word games, phone games) help make you more mentally fit. It improves your mental health, motivation, and intelligence, helps with our decision making – a fundamental pillar to productivity. It increases your response time: you become fast in decision making, in responding to issues, responding to challenges, and it improves your alertness, improves things like concentration and motivation, and so on.

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