How to improve employee engagement?



According to the Workforce mood tracker Survey, employees who receive recognition throughout the year are more satisfied in their jobs. But why would you want your employees to be more engaged and satisfied in the workplace? It’s simple – when an employee is involved and loves his career, he is more productive than others, generates more sales, decreases employee turnover rates and increases the overall profitability of the company.

Managers and human resources are responsible for the creative environment and culture that improve employee engagement in the workplace. Here are some tips to cultivate employee engagement in your workplace:

Praise hard work

It’s easy to overlook basics like a simple thank-you for a job well-done. When you are trying to encourage an underperformer or trying to coach a weaker one, pure praise can make all the difference.


Corporate Wellness App


CircleCare employee engagement platform provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

Motivate your staff

Frequent small incentives are highly effective. Think weekly and monthly, rather than annual. Dinner out, Free Lunches, Movie Tickets for high performing workgroups be creative and customize to your workforce.

Add Flexibility

Allowing employees to rearrange their tasks lets them feel more in control of their work and priorities. Productive and outcomes are more important than processes to improve employee engagement.


Building a strong relationship with your employees helps improve employee engagement. It ensures they will talk to you about any problems, leading to a faster resolution, and a speedier return to productivity.

Make them comfortable

Inexpensive things like free water, healthy snacks, and ergonomic chairs show your employees that you are interested in their comfort level.


An organization who deploy gamification can improve employee engagement by 48%. Employers can use engagement points; steps count challenge and badges to gamify everything and make work experience more fun and interactive.

Make room for growth

In every age demographic, the opportunity for growth was more motivating as a reason to stay in an organization over pay increases.


The Bottom Line

Make your employees like their jobs. Determine your job satisfaction baseline with an employee satisfaction survey. Then, resurvey periodically to measure the effects of your improvement initiatives.

CircleCare is the first workplace wellness app designed to boost employee happiness and improve employee engagement across any organization or team.

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