Putting restriction on meal times may help you lose more weight



We all know that what we eat affects our health and weight, but what about the timing of it? A new study suggests that the schedule of your diet might also help you lose or gain weight.

A new study from researchers led by led by Dr. Jonathan Johnston at the University of Surrey suggests that the timing of your meal – and engaging in ‘time-restricted feeding,’ may help you lose weight. It is shortening the time window between breakfast and dinner, which helps you lose some fat and boost your overall health.

Time restricted diet is also known as intermittent fasting.  It is a form of nutrition that is followed by many people to lose weight by setting a pattern that cycles between periods of starvation and eating. It forced your body to go into the fat burning mode to convert them into energy during the fasting period. Intermittent fasting not only helps you to lose weight but also improves your overall health.


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For the study, the one group of participants were asked to deviate their breakfast and dinner timing. They were instructed to have their lunch 90 minutes later and dinner 90 minutes earlier from the time at which they would typically have their daily meals. Meanwhile, another group continued with their regular diet timing and were allowed to eat freely whatever they want within a particular time window. During the study, each participant completed blood work and maintained “dining diaries” for comparison.  

After comparing the data, the researchers found that the participants who were following the time-restricted diet lost more than twice as much body fat on average than the other group. Almost 57 percent of the time-restricted participants noticed that they had reduced their consumption due to either a decreased appetite, fewer opportunities to eat, or fewer snacks.


Despite all these fantastic benefits of time restricted diet, it’s tough for many people to stick to, mostly because it’s inconsistency with their regular meal times. More than 50 percent of the study participants said they would find it very difficult to continue with the diet schedule for more than ten weeks.

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