How does stress affect your business?



Stress in the workplace costs the US businesses almost $300 billion a year, affecting 12.5 million working days on average. Wondering how does stress affect your business? Here are some classic examples of stress impact at any workplace:


Excess stress affects a person’s ability to concentrate and focus on the job in hand. It can lead to a decline in productivity and effectiveness on the job, even in the most committed of staff.


One of the most obvious signs of how the impacts of stress affect your business is absenteeism. Stress-related absence is rising. Stress affects the body as well, so other illness on your absence report might be stress related, although you and your staff may not realize it.


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Staff may be turning up for work, but not able to perform well. Presenteeism can lead to disruption in the team, wasted time, and can add to the person’s stress, as they worry about their lack of productivity.

Increased Recruitment Cost

Recruiting and training new staff costs money. If you have a high turnover of staff due to high-stress levels, you are giving your HR department extra costs.

Legal costs

Ill health caused by working conditions could be seen as neglect on your part as an employer. This could lead to costly legal action taken against you, affecting both your profit and reputation.

Staff Morale

Stress tends to spread through the workforce. Unhappy staff will talk to their colleagues, and if the cause of the stress is directly work-related, it may affect others.

Recruitment ability

If you want to be able to hire the best staff, they need to know that they will be valued and cared for beyond their salary. Being seen as an employer who allows stress to faster will not help your reputation.


Costly mistakes

When a person is stressed, they are more prone to making mistakes. This is not their fault, this is the stress response reducing their logical thinking, but it could cost your business dear.

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