360 Degree Approach to Extract Most from Your Corporate Wellness Program

Sharon Palmer

Sharon Palmer

A healthcare system that is largely based on treating the symptoms of various diseases instead of preventing them is problematic. Eighty-percent of the diseases we are spending our money on is actually preventable. This is why a 360 degree approach to corporate wellness program is a step in the right direction.

Generation O

Employees are afflicted with three dreaded conditions: Overweight, Overworked, and Over stressed. Generation O employees work longer hours chained to their desks because of the demands of work. Although there are opportunities to lead more active lives, they are not motivated to do so. This lack of motivation exposes them to health risks down the road. They could develop chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and other chronic illnesses.


Corporate Wellness App


CircleCare employee engagement platform provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

It’s difficult to see the grim health scenario 5-10 years down the line when they are not feeling the symptoms right now. Worse, they only take action when their health is already on the decline.

360 Degree Approach

It is the responsibility of employees to take care of themselves, but companies have a role to play in keeping their people in good physical and mental shape to function optimally in the workplace.  A well thought out corporate wellness program not only gives employees the boost of motivation that they sorely need, but it also helps them reach a greater state of readiness for self-management.

A 360 degree approach to employee wellness covers all grounds. It’s not enough to put a mini-gym in the office and hope that employees run on treadmills and lift weights. The program must guide the employees and keep them motivated in their health and fitness journey.

A corporate wellness program is a hit or miss if there is a lack of engagement among employees. It’s a huge hurdle that they must overcome. With a 360 degree all-around approach to wellness, the engagement of employees becomes organic. If they see that the wellness program caters to their specific health and fitness needs, they will get on-board. CircleCare is wellness app that covers all the elements of an effective employee wellness program:

  • Sense of Community

Employees engage more when they feel that they are part of a community with a common health goal. Their involvement stems from the fact that they can get the right kind of support from their colleagues.

  • Rewards, Incentives, and Positive Reinforcements

Putting a creative and modern twist to an age-old strategy of rewarding employees can increase engagement. The idea of being rewarded for being healthy is something that employees can get on board with.

  • Health Monitoring

Every goal should be measurable to see how well the program is doing. This means that employee health goals are set and tracked so that they can make the necessary adjustments.

  • Family Connection

It would be a shame not to get the family involved in a wellness program with tremendous benefits. This is particularly true for families whose members live in different cities or countries. Social media is just too noisy and over-crowded for an honest-to-goodness family time.

If employees are given the right tools to self-manage their health and they have the support of a community, then failure is removed from the equation.


If your existing wellness program only addresses a small part of the problem, it’s time to switch to a 360° approach to employee health and wellness.

Switch to CircleCare to start the journey to good health.

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