Why a Family Needs Its Own Private Social Networking App

Courtney Lancianese, M.S.

Courtney Lancianese, M.S.


Social networking is one of the most valuable resources of this grand epoch we know as the Age of Information. For the first time in history, human connection is as close as one click away. We utilize social media platforms to connect with friends, colleagues, and even strangers at times. In the digital age where we are more theoretically connected than ever, it is possible we have not fully utilized the resource that lies before us concerning the technology at our fingertips and the social network that rises in significance above the rest. What if social networking could cultivate, enhance, and engage family connectedness in the digital age?

The average person finds herself in as many as ten (and an average of five) web-based social networks at a time. Out of all these, how many do we utilize to connect with our families? The family is the only social group every human being inherits at birth. However, the separation of physical distance or scheduling conflicts combine to make our only inherent social network feel, at times, further away than “friends” on social media whose updates we receive by the hour. There has to be a way to bridge the gap between tight knit families and the everyday barriers that keep them feeling disconnected.


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You may wonder, “Why should social media be extended into my family life?” The reasons abound. Families are the ones who support each other through the ups and downs of life. Who are the people who champion your victories and provide support when you fall? Whether family members face challenging health issues, adjustment following the birth of a newborn, losing loved ones, or adapting to everyday challenges, family is there. At the end of each day, who knows where you are and what you’re doing and how you get from one day to the next? It’s family. Families are the ones who care, and families are the ones with whom human connection is essential.


With the integration of social networking in the family system, the barriers that typically keep you from the ones you love most are easily conquered. Different schedules won’t keep you from checking in on the most recent updates of all family members. Communication doesn’t have to be formally scheduled, as it can be tapped into with a simple click or easy to use text feature. Pictures don’t need to be sent to 8 separate family members at one time, as you can share them at the same time to be viewed by all members of the family at once. The best part of all of this is that a social networking app would include all these forums within one safe and easy space. Better yet, this space is different from other social networks because it is private and only visible to family members within it. As we all know, serious or significant life events are not always desirable to be viewed by the entire world of social media. This way, only the ones who matter hear about the things that matter most to you.



Family is precious. It is the one group with whom connection is not an option, but a necessity. As such, why not utilize the incredible resource we have in technology to expand and enhance the bond we already share? Families who care create a home for one another. Imagine your world if you could carry those feelings of home with you in your pocket. Imagine the loving network of family connection when it is only a click away. CircleCare exists to bring families who care just that – a more connected, supportive, easily accessible network with the ones you love most that is just one click away.

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