Understanding the Role & Benefits of Dry Needling



Dry needling may sound terrifying and scary but in reality, it is an effective and safe treatment that entails the use of needles that are just similar in size as the ones used in acupuncture. A dry needling specialist would be inserting a needle all along with your trigger points or the tight tissue bands found within a muscle for promoting the healing mechanisms of your body. Dry needling is instrumental in easing joint pain, loosening stiff muscles, improving oxygen circulation and boosting blood flow within your body. Dry needling seems pretty effective in the case of individuals who are thinking in terms of recovering quickly from an injury, optimizing sports performance, or preventing certain health disorders from becoming chronic.

Experts claim that dry needling would be involving the identification of the precise source or origin of pain and inserting solid filament but thin needles into the associated muscles for stimulation of the underlying muscular, neural, and connective tissues. The strategic needle insertion could trigger a rapid muscle twitch that stimulates the healing abilities or powers of your body. Dry needling is just great for reducing muscle contraction, decreasing chemical irritation, enhancing flexibility, and alleviating dysfunction and pain.

Some Surprising Benefits of Dry Needling


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We understand that dry needling is quite precise and perfect if you are being attended by a fully-trained dry needling expert. He would be chalking out a map of the relevant trigger points by carrying out a meticulous examination and evaluation of all your tight spots within your muscles.

Helps in Minimizing Pain

Dry needling has been successful in short-term or immediate alleviation of pain and improvement in disability by effectively targeting trigger points. Several studies have demonstrated the efficacy of dry needling in reducing shoulder pain simply by effectively targeting a specific trigger point. Moreover, dry needling has resulted in an increase in both passive and active range of motion of the patient’s shoulder internal rotation and the intensity of the pain was minimized significantly. Several studies have revealed that dry needling helps in reducing the sensitivity and pain in the affected area. Get in touch with Active Edge dry needling Columbus Ohio for more information and for scheduling an appointment.

Enhances Movement 

Research has revealed that dry needling, when administered in conjugation with physical exercise or workout, could notice the movement that is certainly more fluid. In reality, we understand that dry needling could in disrupting mechanically a dysfunctional IDN or motor endplate.

Bolsters the Entire Recovery Process

Patients undergoing dry needling therapy would be experiencing far less pain pretty quickly. A majority of the patients experience a dramatic reduction in pain at once after the first session of treatment is done. As per the reports that came up on the ‘Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy’, thanks to the dry needling process, the patient function seems to be restored incredibly quickly.



Experts reiterate the fact that dry needling should be administered as an integral part of the bigger and comprehensive treatment plan. Unlike acupuncture, dry needling is not regarded as curative very much on its own. Dry needling is supposed to be highly beneficial and is an integral element of basically an effective multi-technique physical therapy.

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