When the mosquitoes comes and goes away?




Mosquitoes are not only disturbing, sometimes they also carry around the germs of life-threatening diseases like Dengue, Malaria & Yellow Fever. Therefore having some knowledge about when the mosquitoes come and go away might save your life as well as spare some nuisance and their painful bites.

When do the mosquitoes come out?

Although some mosquitoes come out during the daytime, most of them come out at night. They try to avoid exposure to the sun as it would dehydrate them. Their activity reaches its peak during the dusk hours, like at the sundown or sunrise. It’s very rare for them to come out in the middle of the day for no reason.


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Where are the mosquitoes during the day?

Most mosquitoes sleep during the daytime and wait for sunset to come out. Heat generated by the sun during daytime dehydrate them pretty fast and it’s difficult for them to survive that way. So they wait for the sun to set and the environment to cool down to come out. During the day, they sleep in dark, sheltered places, Wet and humid areas like caves, plants and grass and sometimes manmade structures like barns, culverts, cupboards, and closets are their resting place.

Do mosquito come out during the day?

Normally they don’t, as they won’t survive for long and quickly get dehydrated because of the outdoor heat. But once they enter our house they can fly around for an extended period of time, as the heating condition is controlled within our homes.

What time of the year do mosquitoes come out?

Generally, mosquito starts to appear during the time of the year when the temperature reaches the 50° F or higher. Mosquito’s life cycle gets faster during hot weather. So, as the temperature starts to rise, their volume increases as well. So, you might experience the peak of mosquito season during the hot summer months.

What time of year do mosquitoes go away?

There are no straightforward answers to this since there are so many species of mosquitoes out there with a variety of mating, hatching and hibernation habits. In some cases Mosquitoes don’t go away for good until the beginning of winter, followed by temperatures consistently below 50 degrees.

How to take protection before the mosquito season?


Here are some of the steps you can take to secure your family:

  • Stock up on mosquito repellent and other solutions to protect yourself way ahead of the mosquito season.
  • If you are planning to head out during the evening or morning, don’t forget to take protection as these two are the peak time of activity for them.
  • Put up window screens of your home during the early afternoon to stop letting them inside.
  • Wear light-colored dresses. Mosquitoes are more attracted to darker colors.
  • Don’t let water to stand anywhere, as it provides mosquito’s perfect breeding environment.

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