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Winter is considered as a welcome change after long, hot summers in many countries around the globe. But with the temperature drop, a lot of health conditions associated with climatic conditions start to appear. So, we have made a list of tips to stay healthy during winter:

Sleep Well

It’s important to take the time for extra sleep with the shorter, cooler days and longer nights to stay healthy during winter. Our bodies naturally need more sleep. Try going to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual in the winter months. A sleep deprived body is more susceptible to illness.

Hydrate Frequently

When it’s cold out, we don’t feel thirsty that much. Dehydration in winter leads to a cold or flu. Fill a thermos with hot water in the morning and add a slice of lemon, or a few pinches of cumin in it. Make sure you refill 2-3 times a day. Keep track of your water intake if you want to stay healthy during winter.


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Outdoor Exercises

Moderate exercise, especially in the morning, is a great option to stay active and healthy during winter. So, bundle up and go for a walk. Even a 15-minute walk can make a difference. Exercise naturally supports a healthy mood and energy levels.

Manage Asthma Triggers

As colds and flu are more common in winter, the change of climate can trigger asthma attacks in children. So, if you have asthma, Try to avoid breathing in cold air, wood smoke, and household mould associated with winter climates.

Socialize To Stay Healthy During Winter

The winter months can naturally cause people to turn inward and be more isolated. Make a date with friends or a family member at least once a week to keep spirits high.

Eat Protein

Try to consume protein at each meal as it helps to keep blood sugar levels stable, and can reduce sugar cravings. Many people increase carbohydrate and sugar intake during the winter months, which can compromise the immune system.

Fruits And Veggies

There is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables available during the winter season, you must focus on them. While the farmers market may be closed and your garden is under snow, it’s more important than ever during the winter to get a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every single day. Try to think and eat like a rainbow, when you are grocery shopping.

Cover Your Mouth

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or arm when coughing or sneezing. It prevents infectious droplets to be spread in the air and stop the spread of germs that make you and others sick.


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