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Infographic: Why you should motivate friends & family to walk?



Why You Should Motivate Your Family and Friends to Walk-CircleCare

Why You Should Motivate Your Friends and Family to Walk?

CircleCare makes it fun and engaging to motivate family and friends to achieve their daily walking goals. But why would you motivate your loved ones?  What are the benefits of walking?  Let’s take a look –

By Walking 30 minutes a day / 10K Steps:

  • Take the edge off – cure depression and fatigue naturally
  • Boosts – attention and decision making ability
  • Reduces – the risk of chronic disease like diabetes & hypertension
  • Halves – the risk of Alzheimer’s
  • Minimizes – the risk of heart disease
  • Improvises – blood pressure by 5 points
  • Stretches – arm and shoulder muscles
  • Relieves – lower back pain
  • Limits – colon cancer risk by 40%
  • Strengthens – legs, quads, hips, hamstring
  • Controls – body Weight


CircleCare motivates you to walk daily by –

  • keeping Track of your daily steps
  • helping you achieve daily walking goal with certainty
  • providing Steps ranking to inspire you to be more active
  • celebrating your efforts with achievement badges

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