10 Easy ways to be more active without exercise!



Physical exercise and being more active is right for you – it can make you a healthier person by improving fitness level, strengthening the immune system, better cognitive function, memory & concentration. But for many people, physical exercise can seem like a chore. If you are one of those people who feel that way but still want to become and stay active without physical exercise, you need to practice the physical activities you love and that you want to repeat as often as possible! Here are ten easy ways to be more active without any physical exercise:


5 Minute wake up routine

This can be simple like yoga or something more intense like a morning run.


Park a little farther away

Even just a few spaces more considerably than average will help.


Corporate Wellness App


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Fill your bottle

Get up and refill that water bottle. Don’t settle at your desk for a long – at least take stretching breaks.


Take a walk

Walk around the block after lunch or dinner.


Have a mini stretch session

If you can’t get away from the desk, do a mini stretch session.


Take the stairs

Start with one flight of stairs once a day and work up to more.



Do a quick ten-minute tidy of your living or work space.


Dance Party

Have a 10-minute dance party.


Play Time

Play with the kids, the dog, or your cat.


Squat it out

Do squats or lunges while cooking.

“I want to be more active” is a too vague statement. You need to be precise and motivated about why you want to be active! Otherwise, the first week might go smoothly, but when life gets in the way, you may lack the motivation required to keep making an effort. So, if you are looking for some extra push to keep yourself motivated, download CircleCare App. on CircleCare will reward your every healthy lifestyle activities as well as your walking activities.

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