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The 4 Downsides Of Working As A Registered Nurse



Nursing is one of the most challenging and even dangerous careers out there. Although the people that do it are often in it because they were born to do such a job, they do see some downsides to being a nurse on occasion. Average people were able to see behind the curtain and understand what a difficult and often thankless job it can be when stories were circulating during the pandemic

If you’re thinking about becoming a nurse, you have to understand if you are cut out for it. This means that you have to understand some of the negatives that you can experience when working as a nurse. In this article, we will go over several that you should know about. 

1 – There can be drama


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When you work as many hours as a nurse or doctor and under very trying circumstances, nerves can get frayed. Disagreements are common and many people are too tired to back down. 

Politics are also involved as there are many different agendas that are taking place in a hospital or clinic. This means that there are times when you may be in a difficult situation and asked to do something you vehemently disagree with. This is usually a case where a nursing license attorney gets involved. 

Tensions can run quite high in certain hospitals and clinics where the staff is often overworked and burnt out. 

2 – Risk of illness

Working in close proximity with sick people exposes you to a wide range of illnesses. It’s important to always wear protective equipment but there can never be zero risk even when you take every precaution. 

During the pandemic, many nurses fell ill and some very seriously. Although Covid seems to be subsiding, there is still a virus circulating and there will very likely be another one that will spread. Being on the frontlines means understanding this fact and accepting the fact that you can end up quite sick. 

3 – Chronic fatigue

The schedule of a nurse is very grueling. It is not uncommon to work for twelve to sixteen hours per day. There are times when you will do this schedule for over a week without a day off. It is grueling and leads to chronic fatigue. When you have a day off after such a heavy schedule, it is very difficult to get enough rest to recover. 

Many nurses get used to the schedule and adjust their lives around it. However, some people struggle with it and will find ways to work a less chaotic schedule by getting work for a private practice with a family doctor. 

4 – It’s physical


Strength is essential when working as a nurse. Trying to move a patient that’s bedridden so you can change the sheets or bandages is not easy and can cause some injuries such as a bad back or pulled muscles. 

It is important to practice good lifting techniques to avoid injuring yourself. Wearing good shoes is also important since you will be on your feet for the entire shift. 

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