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The Best Treatment for Vertigo in Physiotherapist Clinic



When you face the issue of dizziness or vertigo, visiting a physiotherapist isn’t the first idea that pops into your head. Many people believe that physiotherapy has nothing to do with dizziness, but it’s not true. Several exercises have proven effective in helping people suffering from the problem.

What Causes The Dizziness Or Vertigo?

Before anything, you need to check if the reason for dizziness is vertigo or not. If it is then, this condition is usually acute and easily treatable with physiotherapy. The common reasons for feeling dizziness include,

  • Inner ear balance structure is affected
  • Viral infections or inflammation
  • Recent use of antibiotics
  • Old injuries
  • Mental stress
  • Side effects of the medicine

Symptoms of Vertigo

The common symptoms when a person is suffering from vertigo include,


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  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Imbalance
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Increased fatigue
  • Unsteady walking

If these are the symptoms you are struggling with, then it is time to search for a physiotherapist near me.

Treatment Technique for Dizziness

The most common treatment that any physiotherapist in Edmonton will provide for vertigo is Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy. It comprises of three types, including 

  • Habituation
  • Gaze stabilization
  • Balance exercises

Habituation Exercises

The habituation exercises are recommended for people who have a damaged vestibular system. These patients will feel dizziness while watching TV or driving. With these exercises, the patients will feel reduction in the frequency and strength of dizziness in the future. The goal is achieved by inducing small spells of dizziness and little exposure, so the brain gets used to the stimulus to build the tolerance for dizziness.

Gaze Stabilization

The gaze stabilization treatment is suitable for those who face trouble to control the movement of their eyes when their head is moving. Along with the issue of focus, they can also have regular headaches. Your physiotherapist can help you to get rid of this problem with different gaze stabilization exercises. The most regular exercise is that the patient is asked to focus on a stationary object in front of him while he moves his head sideways. It helps them in differentiating between the movement of the head and eyes. 

The other way to treat dizziness is by asking the patient to keep their head in a stationary position while the object is moved in front of them. Both techniques show great results in treating the issue of dizziness among patients.

Balancing Exercises

The balancing exercises vary with each case. The level of exercise intensity depends on the stimulus triggering the issue. To name a few, people who face trouble balancing while walking or standing can benefit from this treatment. Most of the exercises recommended by the physiotherapist clinic in Edmonton are vigorous but will get easy over time. To get effective results out of this treatment, you need commitment and determination. A physiotherapist will thoroughly evaluate the patient’s condition and layout the plan for suitable exercises. Carefully perform the exercises because doing it wrong can cause the situation to go worse rather than improving.

If you are struggling with dizziness, contact Regenerate Physio, a physiotherapy clinic, to improve the overall health with their treatment plans.

Other Treatments


If the symptoms are minor then the right course of action would be to start Epley Maneuver. You have to consult a doctor to see the cause of the problem. This form of treatment is only suitable when particular canals in the vestibular system are affected.

Wrapping Up

In case of feeling regular dizziness, you need to visit the physiotherapist clinic right away. With the right course of physiotherapy treatment, you can get rid of this issue for good. 

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