13 Signs of a disengaged employee



Do you know that which employees have no intention of helping your company grow? Read on to find out the signs of disengaged employees:


Bad employees are always complaining, expressing dissatisfaction, and nothing is ever good enough for them. A complaining employee can bring down the morale of an entire work group.

Make Excuses

Bad employees never take responsibility for their actions and always find an excuse to defend themselves. Being around these kinds of employees can be tough, whether you’re a coworker or boss.


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Lack of Enthusiasm

When a new task or project comes up, this type of employee is always the least excited. They feel low and unmotivated which can make the  employee become distant and quiet.

Doesn’t Help Others

They’re always saying, “It’s not my job,” and are never willing to go above and beyond for the project or company.


Gossip destroys morale and the team dynamic, and creates cliques within the company.


An employee that lies and makes up stories is really dangerous for the team.


Bad employees act like they know everything and are too good for whatever you have to say.


Bad employees are set on working alone. You need collaboration to thrive as a team.


Bad employees often miss deadlines, are late for work, and break their promises.

No Initiative

Good employees take initiative, whereas a bad employee just stands around waiting to be told what to do next.

No Questions

Bad employees aren’t willing to ask questions and learn new things.

No Growth

They don’t invest in themselves to become better people and grow within the company.


Good employees know how to stay focused, and bad employees are easily distracted.

Disengaged employees don’t support a good company culture. They don’t understand how much of a role company culture plays in the success of the business. Any employee that’s not willing to help improve the company culture should be let go, because they will be a drain on the rest of the team.

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