Corporate Wellness Program
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                                                    How to start a wellness program at work?

                                                    Want to start a wellness program at work? Its not that hard with CircleCare App! Lack of Workplace Wellness Programs Can Lead to Serious Health Issues Like

                                                    Physical Inactivity High Cholesterol High Blood Pressure Cardio Vascular Disease Over Weight Stress Back Pain

                                                    By using CircleCare App between colleagues can provide you with all the benefits of having a workplace wellness program, like:


                                                    Corporate Wellness App


                                                    CircleCare provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

                                                    Watch Video Learn More

                                                    Motivation for Physical Activity Inspiration for Getting Rid of Bad Habits Stress Relief Through Constant Sharing & Caring for Each Other Motivation to Stay healthy Increased Employee Retention Reduced Healthcare Costs

                                                    Workplaces With Wellness Programs experience, Reduced Healthcare Costs by Twenty to 55 Percent, Increased Productivity by Two to 52 Percent, Less Short-Term Sick Leave by Six to 32 Percent.

                                                    How to Start Workplace Wellness Program?

                                                    Easiest Way to Start a Wellness Program at Work is With CircleCare App. Where You Can Motivate and Inspire Each Other to:

                                                    Follow Healthy Workplace Behaviors. Inspire to Eat Healthy Encourage Each Other to Get Rid of The Bad Habits Communicate More Often to Relieve Stress Motivate Each Other to Be More Active

                                                    Get CircleCare App Now



                                                  Live Healthy. Earn Rewards.

                                                  Life needs motivation

                                                  circle-care-lose-weightLose weight circle-care-stay-healthyStay healthy circle-care-feel-belongedFeel like you belong circle-care-feel-appreciatedFeel appreciated

                                                  Questions? We've got answers. Try us.

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