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Promising Wellness Accounts That You Must Follow On Instagram



Mainly during this pandemic time, it is really very wise for you to take a complete care of your health. You never know how to catch up with the best health issues and only experts are able to provide you with the best response as and when asked for. Remember that wellness accounts are the best thing to follow on Instagram, if you don’t have the time to visit or call a nutritionist on your own. At least, by following these accounts, you are likely to get a complete hold of the best diet routine and the wellness practices to follow.

These accounts are mainly hold by some of the reputed names in the market, known for their great practice and properly maintained health. So, they are more than ready to share some of their thoughts and advices with you, so keep up with a fit body and mind.

  • Jessamyn Stanley:

This is the first name that you must follow on Instagram if wellness is your main criterion in life to follow. She is a yoga teacher and let’s not argues the value that yoga has in your life! She is also self-claimed body positivity advocate. Her account is completely filled up with videos of sequences, yoga positions and advices on thinking how you are likely to feel rather than how you actually look outside.


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  • Robin Arzon:

Another name in this regard, which is going to grab your mind, is the Robin Arzon. She is the senior instructor at Peloton and was a former lawyer. She is known for her street athlete lifestyle and body, which is why she is quite famous in the wellness ground. Moreover, she has also been the author of Shut up and Run, which is where you can get to learn more about her fitness secrets. So, you are most welcome to follow her account and get inspired at the same time.

  • Jeannette Ogden:

If you like good food side by side being healthy, then this account is the one that you should follow. This yoga instructor is a new mom and has a niche towards creating some of the mouthwatering dishes, which will also help you to stay fit. So, no need to say goodbye to amazing cuisines just because you are here to maintain a body! These people can easily buy 20 Instagram likes from reputed centers. Even their hard work pays off to get them new followers and likes on a daily basis. For your start-up venture, you can think of buying some to gain the initial popularity!

  • @livewellwithlo:

This is another interesting Instagram account that you might care to deal with. It is the platform of Hawaii living Lauren Kissee, whose main goal is to promote wellness along with a mindful healthy living. In this account, you can see her sharing some of the tidbits of her daily life in form of awesome e-book resources, yummy recipes and natural skincare tips. With a pop of color in her accounts, you can’t ask for anything more!

  • @thefashionfitnessfoodie:

If you are looking for some fact-checking hilarious sass, then this account of Lucy Fountain is your jam. Lucy happens to be a well-known wellness advocate, whose career mainly centered on putting stop to scams and some of the quick fixes. The main goal is to provide that real truth and then encouraging that forgiving, balanced and health conscious approach to the field of wellness.

  • @saraclarkyoga:

If you are an ardent fan of yoga and want to learn more about this, then waste no time and follow this account at @saraclarkyoga now. Sara Clark is the main content creator of this account, where her passion talks about solo-focused healthy lifestyle. She always is known to use her voice to inspire other people to do the same. For that, she loves to promote meditation, yoga, mindfulness and more. Her main goal is to spread inspiration, positivity and hope through her Instagram channel. She is also known to teach yoga frequently in NYC.

  • The Every Girl:

This is another account that you might want to give a try. It is your one-stop online resource for passionate, creative and career driven women. It is true that balancing life and work is a tough call but it is not impossible. You might have some questions in your mind. How to separate work from life? How much time to dedicate for work? Are you in the proper profession? This page is here to cover all these topics for you. Along with that, you are going to get some fashion forward ideas on fashion, décor and even book some recommendations.

  • The Just Girl Project:

If you really want to be yourself and stay inspired in just the way you are, then this account on Instagram is one for you. It will address mental wellness more than the physical sector. The page consists of fun graphics, which are subject to add that edge to inclusive messaging. You will have message on girl power and even positivity. Other than that, this page is also known for selling cute merchandise like hoodies, masks and more. So, this account will feature some valuable advices on stress dealing, healthy bedtime routines and so much more!

  • @therawberry:

For a healthy lifestyle, you might want to shift towards vegan diet. If so, then this account might have answer to all your problems. This creative content from Marie Dorfschmidt is full of vegan recipes, which are literally too good to eat. Right from the blackberry smoothie to the chia pudding with plum compote, all homemade, you will have a blast while following her Instagram account. You can try these options on your own and never get disappointed at all.

These are some of the many Instagram wellness and health accounts that you might need to follow. Check out all the possible options and then finalize on the one you like the most in here. You will be bombarded with multiple options to give a try.

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