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The world in which we live today is changing so rapidly that if we aren’t mindful and extremely careful we will find that we have gotten ourselves into a life that is of course and not what we want. Technology has taken over the world, many people have friends online that they have never met. They probably have more online friends that they have never met than they do friendships with real people that they know or have at least interacted with in person.

People are bombarded with sales calls and emails, advertising is everywhere, society has become less trusting as a result and people are more defensive than they were in the past. In the modern age, children are interacting less socially, choosing to play video games and chat online as opposed to actually interacting with kids in person. Problems may arise for such children when they have to work in environments that are full of people, underdeveloped social skills may mean they struggle to cope in the work environment.

Positive change will often mean that we need to change our habits to live lives that are more fulfilling emotionally, physically and mentally. Below are a few positive habits and ideas that will help anyone improve their life.


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Turn Off Electronic Gadgets and Put Your Phone on Do Not Disturb Mode Whilst In Bed

Sadly, it has become a common habit for people to go to bed with their phones, tablets and other gadgets. The first issue with electronic gadgets is that they emit blue light which hits the users eyes and affects their brain, the blue light that these gadgets emit will cause users to stay alert and the quality of their sleep will be negatively affected. There are apps that you can install on your SmartPhone and Tablet, these apps will filter out the blue light but taking your phone to bed is still not a good habit.

It’s all about states and associations to be able to unwind and relax quickly you want your bedroom to be somewhere that you associate with relaxation and sleep, to help you achieve and maintain this association doesn’t check your email or text messages in bed. If you are married or have a partner playing with your phone in bed is probably not helping your relationship. Get into the habit of leaving your electronic gadgets outside the bedroom or at least install and blue light filter app and put your devices on do not disturb.


Stop Procrastinating and Get Started

It is good to plan and strategize before a project if you don’t know where you are going you are never going to get there but fear of failure holds many people back and keeps them stuck. Procrastinating is usually caused by a lack of self-belief and fear of failure so rather than dreaming about what you could do get started on doing it. Know what you want and backward engineer the steps that you will need to get there then make a start, as long as you know what you want to achieve you can strategize how you will get there along the way. Listen to some law of attraction hypnosis to help you visualize your goals. Once you start don’t give up easily, if you know your destination you can always take a different route to get like driving a car the driver may take a different road to avoid a traffic jam, the destination is still the same.

Get Organized

When I was a kid I used to bash and saw bits of wood. I never managed to make anything, I was about 5 and I was messy. My Grandfather once told me “a messy toolbox is the sign of a messy mind”. If I had organized my 5-year-old self I would have found that I could find the bits I needed more easily and I might have actually completed something instead of just demolishing stuff. Declutter what you don’t need, throw away any old that you don’t want if it has value sell it and raise some cash. If you can’t or don’t want the hassle of selling off your old junk give it to charity.

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