Are plant-based and vegan the same?



To most people, plant-based and vegan diets are almost the same thing. However, despite the misconceptions, they both have their own, characteristics, health benefits and differences. In today’s post, we are going to discuss them.

What is Vegans?

Vegans abstain from consuming animal products. Deeply seated ethical beliefs drive this; we should not harm animals. Vegans don’t want to support the meat industry because of moral and environmental views. They save countless animals from death and discomfort each hour of the day.

What is Plant-based?

Plant-based groups love to source the majority, if not all of their diets from whole plant-based food. Plant-based diet preferences are not driven by ethical reasons primarily. Health and wellness are more motivating to this group. It has been scientifically proven for this diet to reduce chronic illness and decrease the chances of cardiovascular disease for people on this diet.


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Differences between plant-based and vegan diet

Here are some differences between plant-based and vegan diet:

Processed foods

Vegan can eat processed foods like chips, candy, pop, faux meat, and yes… even Oreos. Where a whole foods plant-based diet eliminates all processed or packaged foods including oil and refined sugar.

Motivating beliefs

Many vegans are driven to avoid animal products out of compassion for animals. For people who choose plant-based diet health, longevity, and athletic performance are the main driving factors.


Vegans avoid all animal products including clothing (leather, silk, wool) as well as animal byproducts like palm oil. On the other hand, plant-based diet followers are more focused on what they put into their bodies as opposed to what they put on their bodies.


Red Wine

This is where plant-based and vegan diet followers get along. They both drink red wine! However, vegans are more committed to it than the plant-based diet followers who consume it occasionally once or twice a week.

Commonalities between plant-based and vegan diets

Despite their differences, plant-based and vegan diets have a principle interest in their health. A healthy heart and mind are what it takes to follow these diets. Being vegan and plant-based is a way of feeling more connected to ourselves and the world.

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