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Managing diabetes is a lifelong process, and it can be really hard to stay motivated with the medical regiment. Here are 5 tips that can help you master the art of diabetes management and change your life:

  1. Monitor your blood sugar levels – Always keep a record of your blood sugar level, it will help you to compare blood sugar levels over time and achieve better consistency.
  • How do I keep a record of my blood sugar reading? Use the CircleCare App to keep a record of your blood sugar measurements. As an added advantage of using CircleCare, your family members can also take a look at the data and get the peace of mind by knowing that you are taking strides to stay healthy.
  1. Take care of your feet – Sometimes patients with diabetes do not feel cuts and bruises due to reduced nerve function.
  • An easy fix: You should check your feet every night before going to bed, rub some skin cream and use comfortable shoes.
  1. Walk Regularly – Walking should be a big part of diabetes management routine! You should set a daily walking goal and follow that every day.
  • How much am I walking every day?  Use CircleCare App’s step counting feature. It will track your daily steps and let you know exactly how much you are walking. It is also a great motivational tool to keep you walking. It encourages a friendly competition with your circle members by providing daily steps ranking and achievement badges once you reach walking milestones.
  1. Control your diet – Keep an eye on what you are eating. You need to know the nutritional value of each type of food you consume. This can also better help you have control on the amount of sugar you intake.
  • What kind of foods is good for managing diabetes? If you are not sure about how much carbohydrate a specific food has, share a picture of it on your circle so that they can help you make the right and healthy choice.
  1. Let the whole family inspire and motivate you – Support and motivation from family members can make this chronic disease easier to manage and inspire you to live a healthier life.
  • How can my family support me with diabetes management? Build a family circle on the CircleCare App. Use it as a diabetes support system and motivation network. Stay in touch with your loved ones and friends let them encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices, inspire you to walk regularly, remind you to take your medicines, and monitor your blood sugar levels.

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CircleCare employee engagement platform provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

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