Hypertension Definition (High Blood Pressure) – Range, Type, Symptoms



Hypertension or blood pressure is a chronic condition. There is more than a billion people around the globe are currently suffering from Hypertension. It is the high pressure of blood against the walls of our arteries. The pressure of blood is highest when the heart beats and lowest when it rests between beats. The highest blood pressure is called systolic and the lowest is diastolic pressure. When either systolic or diastolic pressure goes higher than normal it is called hypertension or high blood pressure.

What is the range of Hypertension?

Normal blood pressure of a person is around 120/80. When it becomes higher than 140/90 it is considered to be high blood pressure. On the other hand, when it goes lower than 90/60, it is called low blood pressure. But if it goes as high as 180/120 it is considered as hypertension and one should immediately seek medical attention.


Types of High Blood Pressure

There is two type of high blood pressure Primary or essential and Secondary. Primary or essential hypertension means that high blood pressure has been found while measuring on three or more consecutive checks, and there is no other cause behind it. On the other hand, secondary hypertension means that the blood pressure is elevated due to some other underlying condition like, abnormality in the arteries supplying blood to the kidneys, airway obstruction during sleep, diseases and tumors of the adrenal glands, hormone abnormalities, thyroid disease, and too much salt or alcohol in the diet.


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The Silent Killer

High blood pressure is also called “The Silent Killer” as it has no obvious sign or symptom. Many people never even realize until it’s too late.  Uncontrolled blood pressure for a long time can lead to a heart attack, stroke, and other problems. Healthy lifestyle and controlled diet are the best options for managing blood pressure and leading a risk-free life.

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