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How companies can support employees



When looking for careers, employees are looking beyond simply good salaries and reputable companies. Wellbeing and flexibility are now highly sought after in a workplace environment. 

There has been a significant culture shift in recent years that has addressed the mental health at work stigma. But nearly half of employees still find it a challenge to speak about their mental wellbeing with their manager. 

Companies should prioritise supporting their staff through mental health initiatives and offer different ways of working that reflect individual needs. If you own a business and employ staff, consider the following practices:


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Flexible working

Offering flexible options such as starting or finishing early, hybrid or remote working, or carrying over hours can benefit both employees and companies. 

Rather than being detrimental to employee efficiency, flexible working actually boosts productivity and helps businesses retain staff. Staff are often more productive when working from home with fewer distractions than in an office environment. 

However, it’s important to be mindful that employees will respond differently to remote working with some even feeling increasingly isolated due to lack of colleague interaction. 

Focus on productivity 

Depending on the nature of your business, it can be useful to consider overall productivity, rather than the number of individual hours worked. Some employees will work better at certain times so encourage them to tackle the more demanding tasks during these hours.

Allowing them a degree of flexibility over their workload can help increase efficiencies. 

Encourage regular breaks 

Working through lunch can be counter-productive so encourage staff to take their allocated breaks and have time away from their desks. Getting out in the fresh air can mean they return feeling more motivated. 

Allocate an area of the office purely for breaks and time-outs with comfy seating, access to drinks, and even some fresh fruit. 

Mental health contact 

Offering access to a mental health contact means employees can speak up about any emotional challenges they might be facing, whether inside or outside of work. Choosing a registered professional with counselling insurance might also encourage them to seek support. 

Benefits and perks

Employees need to feel appreciated. This doesn’t necessarily need to be in monetary terms either. You could offer rewards such as extra time off, vouchers, health benefits, or wellbeing days. 

Consider arranging regular team socials to promote inclusivity and interaction, especially if many choose to work remotely. 

Anonymous feedback


Offering a way for employees to give feedback without judgement can be a terrific way of understanding their needs. Set up a monthly feedback form and address any broad concerns. 

By keeping this anonymous, workers are more likely to state their desires without fear of rejection. This will also ensure employees feel valued and can help you review your company policies. 

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