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Dental hygiene is not only for the purpose to be able to smile pleasantly. It is about taking care of your teeth to ensure overall wellness. Dental problems such as tooth cavities and gingivitis make it hard to eat, cause inflammations, or lead to other life-threatening complications.

Oral hygiene entails practices we learn since childhood but due to reasons unknown, we fail to give them the seriousness they require. Considering that it takes a lifetime of care to ensure healthy teeth, here are 7 dental hygiene tips to follow in 2021 and beyond.

  • Visit a dentist every six months

Visiting a dentist is one of the most crucial but most ignored dental hygiene tips.


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The importance of going for checkups cannot be over-emphasized. During these visits, your doctor will take care of any dental issues. Another perk is that these visits allow a dentist to catch potential teeth and gum problems before they culminate into more dangerous conditions.  

If you have more dental issues, it is advisable to go for regular visits. A simple search for dentist office near me on a search engine will help you leverage these benefits.

  • Never go to bed without brushing  

Brushing at least two times a day is what dental health experts recommend, meaning you should never go to bed without cleaning your teeth. 

During the day, we eat and drink various edibles. Hence, germs accumulate in our mouths. When we are asleep, these germs seize a perfect opportunity to wreak havoc on our dental formula; the more reason to brush.

  • Make a habit of flossing

Germs and bacteria also get in between the teeth, and no matter how many times you brush, these are hard-to-reach areas. Flossing is the best way to get rid of these germs and other food particles.

Flossing the proper way is of the utmost importance. Use a different floss every few teeth. Doing so prevents the possibility of re-infecting other teeth with bacteria you just removed.  

  • Say no to sugary treats

Sugar is notorious for causing cavities. As such, avoid snacking on sweets and desserts. Also, limit the consumption of processed foods as they contain added sugars. These additives are detrimental to not only your teeth but your general health.

  • Change your brush regularly

Toothbrushes wear out with usage. Using a brush for prolonged periods is not recommended as the bristles no longer operate as required. Dentists recommend using a toothbrush for no more than three months to ensure your teeth get optimal cleaning.

  • Opt for a Fluoride toothpaste

The oral health industry has unveiled a myriad of toothpaste brands that promise teeth whitening and germ-killing effects. Whichever you opt for, make sure it contains fluoride.


Fluoride is known for its powerful germ-killing properties. Additionally, it creates a barrier that secures the teeth from cavity-causing germs. 

  • Quit smoking

Apart from causing cancer and other life-threatening conditions, smoking has a damaging effect on the teeth. They cause teeth discoloration and are also a leading cause of gum disease. Besides, people who smoke have a foul mouth odor. 

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