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Things That Have Been Made Possible With DNA Testing



DNA is the shortened form of deoxyribonucleic acid, and it essentially is a chain of compounds that string together to form a human blueprint of sorts, which is permanent and can be used to differentiate between individuals. The curiosity surrounding DNA Testing began in the early 80s and has only been growing ever since. DNA Testing has been used a number of different ways to make human life easier. It has had a huge and long lasting impact on the human life in the domains of law enforcement, medicine, sociology and archaeology to name a few. Listed below are 5 things that have been made easier with DNA testing:

1.      DNA Testing Is Used In Law Enforcement

DNA testing has been a part of law enforcement since the 80s, and has been used widely to match evidence with suspects in such cases. Whether is a finger print, a hair, a nail or a piece of clothing found on a crime scene that could be attached to a suspect, DNA testing has made it possible to link and find matches to solve criminal cases with ease and efficiency. Criminal investigations have been made a lot easier with the advancements in DNA technology, and cases marked as unsolved previously have now been opened to conduct investigation from square one and this has been made possible with DNA technology.

2.      DNA Testing Is Used In Paternity/Maternity and Ancestral Testing

DNA’s most common usage is thought of as it being used in checking who are one’s real birth parents. DNA Testing is used widely to confirm who are a individual’s parents or who is one’s off-spring. A paternity or maternity test could be conducted either for legal investigations or personal matters. In addition to this, a home DNA test kit allows an individual to check one’s ancestry if one wishes to find out where their roots belong to. Your genetic heritage can be traced using this advancement in DNA technology.


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3.      DNA Testing is Used in Archaeology

Archaeologists widely use DNA testing to find our genetic records and life progression in any samples they may find at archaeological sites. Not only does this enable them to maintain genetic records, it also allows them to understand how genetic records of the same species may or may not change over time. In addition to this, archaeologists also determine the movement of clans and groups of people from one place to another on the basis of DNA evidence.

4.      DNA Testing is Used In Maintaining National Databases

DNA Fingerprint Testing or other bodily DNA such as your eyes are used to maintain national data bases. These databases are usually a part of a national identity care or social security number program which is constantly maintained and updated to check for national statistics and a number of other uses. This also allows to limit fraud in identity and helps in limiting identity theft.


5.      DNA Testing is Used For Genetic Engineering and Research

DNA extraction has been used to understand genetic engineering in all parts of natural life include plants and animals. For instance, many fruits have been genetically engineered to maintain certain characteristic (such as color and smell) and let go of other (such as seeds in a watermelon). Animals have also had their DNA engineered often. Additionally, DNA testing is used in research for vaccines and disease control.

DNA testing has enabled and opened so many avenues of business and research in the human life. Just one component of DNA such as biometric testing enables much more in the business world. Technologies such as biometric enable offices to maintain payroll, human resources and attendance, etc. DNA testing has made human life much easier and its uses keep ever-growing and it is just a matter of how researchers can think of DNA’s applicability and context in different domains.

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