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Lately, a greater focus has been put out on low-carb diets like Keto with more than 20 human studies completed and dozens currently underway. The result of these studies is overwhelmingly in favor of LCHF diets. In our today’s post, we will be discussing those benefits of Ketogenic diet:

Benefits of Ketogenic diet

Heart Health

Ketogenic diet increases levels of HDL (Good Cholesterol) and also lower Triglyceride levels in the blood which are major risk factors in heart disease. Also, study suggests that heart health is directly linked to obesity and Ketogenic diet is known for managing weight.


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Blood Sugar And Insulin

When you eat a low carbohydrate and high-fat diet your blood sugar levels reduce dramatically as does the insulin you produce to deal with it. On high carb diets, many people develop a condition called insulin resistance, low carb diet like Ketogenic have been shown to reverse this.


A properly implemented Ketogenic diet has the added benefit of curbing hunger pangs through its unique action in suppressing the hunger hormone Ghrelin. Hunger is by far the biggest obstacle in most weight reduction diet plans.

Greater Weight Loss

Not only do you experience the dramatic weight loss in the first few weeks of a Ketogenic diet, but you will also see a constant steady loss of fat thereafter due to the appetite suppressing and muscle sparing factors of a Ketogenic diet.

Mood Stabilizing

It’s no secret that if you feed a child sugary treats and beverages that you can expect a degree of hyper behavior and mood swings followed by a sudden crash. This is no different with adults. Though by the time a person has aged somewhat that physical aspect of this spike has turned purely mental. No such things on a Keto diet.

Neurological Benefits

The Ketogenic diet protects against Neurological Diseases and improves cognitive function of our brain. It has been used for a century in treating Epilepsy, more than 50% of people treated to see a reduction in seizures and over 15% become completely seizure free. It is also being studied as a treatment for Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons Disease, Bi-Polar and more.


Longer Lasting Energy

The benefits of a Ketogenic diet includes all-day energy. This high-fat diet has the benefit of giving our bodies a longer lasting and sustained energy than that of carbohydrates. This is probably why many professional athletes in sporting that require an extensive amount of stamina have turned to a higher fat lower carb way of eating to fuel their bodies.

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