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How to care for your elder ones: A checklist to follow



As people age, the one thing they dread the most is the dark valley of loneliness. Not being able to do things they desire to do could take a toll on the mind- even more than people around could imagine.

Hence, the call to take care of your elder ones goes beyond a set of activities; it is first a mindset. It is an understanding that it isn’t easy for your elder ones to become dependent on you and others around them. Grasping this should spur you towards giving them the most efficient care, without making them feel like a burden.

If you are confused about where to begin, this checklist would be helpful.  


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  1. Check their medication

Most times, how healthy an elder would be in the next few days- or weeks- depends on what they are doing at the moment, including whether they are taking their medication or not. Here’s where you can step in: If they’ve got quite a number of pills, and it becomes difficult to organize the pills, get a pill box organizer. With a pill box organizer, it is easy to track when pills should be taken.

Also, when new drugs are administered, be sure to ask their doctor about the potential side effects of the drug so as to help you prepare adequately.

  1. Make where they live safe

As people age, they lose their youthful ability to keep themselves physically safe, hence the need for installation of safety features where they live.

Although the measures to be taken largely depend on a lot of factors- such as their physical condition and personal factors- it is important that some simple safety features are in place. This includes:

  • Use of non-slippery surfaces in showers.
  • Elevated toilet seats and installation of shower seats.
  • Setting up better lighting in dim areas
  • Installation of grab bars in bathroom, hallway and other areas in the home

Be sure to liaise with their doctor on what safety measures should be installed for your elder.

  1. Care for their mind

Truth be said, everyone is unique. And, this truth doesn’t dwindle as we age; in fact, it should be given so much attention. While some elders are faced with physical challenges, some others are faced with mental challenges.

While taking care of your elder, don’t be so focused on giving them the best physical care, that you forget they also have a mind; a mental space.

For instance, elders with learning disabilities could have a hard time understanding new information and communicating what’s on their mind. In cases like this, a learning disabilities software is the way to go.

Regular exercises

While enrolling in a gym might not be feasible, take efforts to keep your elder physically fit. It doesn’t have to be something out of the world- joining a simple walking group could do the trick. Asides keeping them outdoors, they eventually get to meet new people and make new friends- which could help alleviate boredom.

Consequently, this would have a double effect- physically and mentally!

Have fun!

It’s easy to get caught up doing the “serious” stuff that you forget an extremely important attribute of every human- we love to feel youthful! Start a Netflix series with them, play video games, engage and support them on CircleCare, play dress up with their old clothes and take loads of pictures.


Asides having a great mental benefit for your elder, it also helps you ease the burden of being a caregiver. So, it is a win-win situation!

In conclusion,

For every decision you make as regards their care, be sure to not leave them out of it. People love to feel in control of their lives- even elders. As long as they are mentally capable of making decisions, always ask for their input as regards matters that would affect the efficiency of the care you offer. 

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