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7 Reasons Why People Still Ignore Oral Health



There’s no denying that oral health is an integral part of our physical and mental health. Many health problems stem from poorly maintained teeth, but this fact isn’t enough to get patients in the office. Here are 7 reasons why most people still ignore oral health, despite its necessity. 

1. Fear and Anxiety

Dentophobia is a fear of the dentist. Patients will experience this phenomenon before going to the dentist or at the dentist. Past negative experiences, a fear of bad news, or a loss of control are valid reasons for being afraid, but managing dental anxiety is essential for good oral health.



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Exposure therapy is often the best medicine, but simply talking to the dentist can alleviate fears. It’s also important to note that the more you visit the dentist, the better your experience will be.

2. No Obvious Pain

Some people ignore their dental health for the same reason they avoid regular doctor’s visits: they aren’t experiencing any pain. However, many health problems, oral or otherwise, won’t be initially painful. Cavities, for example, only start to hurt once the decay reaches the pulp (root).


By that point, you have no other choice but to schedule a root canal when a filling or scraping would have been fine months before. Preventative care is the best way to ward off problems.

3. High Upfront Cost

In the United States, you have to have incredible health insurance to receive affordable oral health care. Even countries with socialized healthcare rarely see dentistry as a necessity, meaning places like Canada, the UK, and Australia don’t cover routine dentist visits.


While it’s true that preventative dentistry is less expensive, that doesn’t make a $200-$500 dentistry exam accessible to everyone. Cost is a big reason why people don’t go to the dentist.

4. Oral/Mouth Visibility 

We take better care of our skin and face because they’re always visible, but our teeth are often hidden. It’s also difficult to see if anything is wrong (besides judging based on pain), as we can’t see too far into our mouths. This makes us think oral health comes second to everything else.


However, there’s evidence that poor oral health can cause acne, especially on our upper lip, cheeks, below the nose, and on the chin. Skincare products can’t tackle oral health concerns.

5. Fear of Instruments

Patients can have a fear of the dentist (the building or the person) and the instruments they use to perform dental procedures. We can’t blame you. The sounds they make and the pain they cause are definitely frightening, so don’t be ashamed of being scared of these instruments. 


As a positive, you won’t feel any pain if you get freezing. While the needle will be painful, you’ll feel nothing afterward, and it’ll only last for a second, so try some relaxation techniques.

6. Embarrassment

If employers don’t offer high-quality health insurance and employees can’t afford it themselves, teeth can degrade to the point that patients are too embarrassed to see the dentist. Culture sees people who have yellow or crooked teeth as dirty or uncaring, which isn’t the case.


Teeth are naturally yellow, and plaque is also 100% normal, as are crooked teeth. If you want to improve your smile, that’s a personal choice, and a good dentist won’t judge you regardless.

7. Busy Schedule

Patients that work too often or can’t take time off to see the dentist will visit less often. Since most medical practices are open during work hours (something that makes little sense even now), working-class people have to take time out of their schedules for regular check-ups.



This is something that’s hard to get around if employers don’t pay for sick days or get frustrated when employees book time off. Our advice is to find a dentist that works with your schedule.

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