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Need More CarePoints?

Need More CarePoints?

CircleCare rewards users with CarePoints to motivate healthy lifestyle activities under five different categories:

circle-care-feel-belonged Engagement

Motivate and inspire your friends and family to stay healthy, we will reward you.

Activity (Description)# of CarePoints
Submit a post (Once a day)5
Add a picture to the post (Once a day)5
Add additional pictures to the post (Max 5. I.e. If a user posts 30 images, he will only get 10 points.)2
Tag location on the post (Once a day)5
Attach a sound clip to the post (Once a day)5
Submit/Recieve a like in any post.1
Comment on someone else’s post (Once Every post)1
Send reminder by tapping on engagement tile40
Send a connect request5 point for sending, 10 additional point only if it is accepted
Accept a connect request10
Refer someone to use CircleCare100
Daily App launch reward10
Join a public group (First time for each group)50
Submit a post in a public group (Max 3 times)5 (Max 3 post in a group)
Achieve Actively Engaged Trophy50
Achieve Bronze Trophy25
Achieve Bronze Star Trophy50
Achieve Silver Trophy100
Achieve Silver Star Trophy150
Achieve Gold Trophy200
Achieve Gold Star Trophy250
Achieve Platinum Trophy300
Achieve Platinum Star Trophy400
Achieve Diamond Trophy500

circle-care-stay-healthy Monitor Health

Monitor your health conditions regularly, we will reward you!

Activity (Description)# of CarePoints
Add blood pressure data5
Add blood sugar data5
Add sleep data (7 Consecutive days)5
Add exercise data (Total 10 days)5
Add weight data (Total 10 days)5
Achieve heart health milestone100
Achieve Diabetes Tracker milestone100

Health Education

Learn great health hacks and share your experiences, we will reward you!

Activity (Description)# of CarePoints
View a post (a picture of a post is also considered as viewing the post1

circle-care-lose-weight Be Active

Walk regularly and burn calories, we will reward you!

Activity (Description)# of CarePoints
Meet daily walking goal50 (flat)
Achieve Busy Bee Badge100
Achieve Steel Boot Badge200
Achieve Walking Milestone Badge100

Take Medicines

Take your medicine regularly, we will reward you!

Activity (Description)# of CarePoints
Take medicine on scheduled time (Self and family members)15 (daily max 50)
Achieve Medicine Manager badge100

Life needs motivation

circle-care-lose-weightLose weight circle-care-stay-healthyStay healthy circle-care-feel-belongedFeel like you belong circle-care-feel-appreciatedFeel appreciated

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